Whooping cough injection at 9.30am

Must of been on my mind had some horrible dreams now I'm scared about having it done! Cos this is a Newly introduced thing there isn't enough studies about how safe it is is there?....we all want to protect our babies....and I hate making decisions! Especially on things like this...think I'm still going but will have a chat with nurse first

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  • I know how you feel as I wasn't sure about having it too. Like you said there isn't a lot of research done but after speaking to lots of mums here and my nurse I decided it is better to have it done then not as the risk is not worth it. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • I'm sure you'll be fine. I couldn't really find any negatives to it as we are not just protecting our own babies by having it done, but other people's babies. But if you are unsure def having a chat with the nurse is a good idea :-) good luck hun xx

  • I know exactly how you feel I was the same when I had my whooping cough vaccine in march this year. I chatted with my consultant at the hospital and my midwife and the nurse at my GPs surgery they all put my mind at ease as they said they would not give it to patience if they thought it would cause harm to either mum or baby. The only side effect you may get is a bit of an achy arm like you would if you had the flu jab that's all I had mine and my son is here now and he is 100% fit and well apart from the teething but this vaccine is nothing to worry about

  • Didn't have it done had a chat to nurse and asked her to check my wee sample and blood pressure as been feeling a bit out of sorts and my wee showed trace for blood...so she said wait until the results come back for wee sample then get it f

    Done....so now I'm wondering why the blood ...she said it could be an infection I was wondering if my discharge may of had a bit of blood in it? Just have to wait and see!

  • I m due to Have mine Thursday but unsure too.. hope it's just infection clear up did they give u anything or ave u gotta wait for results x

  • Hi I'm due to have mine done tomorrow along with the flu jab.. What's the concern of it? Is it

    Ok to have both jabs done at the same time? Thanks all

  • No concern just had horrible dreams and felt aprehensive but nurse said if ur unwell u shouldn't have it done.....as if u already have a temp then the whooping cough can give u a bit of a temp so it will make u feel worse x

  • Just had mine this affy, nurse said it was a 3 in 1, has the whooping cough, tetanus and something else (can't remember what). It's what they give to pre-school children. It's a low dose of tetanus but that's what is likely to give you an achy arm. Arm is just starting to ache a tiny bit. The flu jab isn't avail here until 10 oct but she recommended I get that as women in late preg and new mums are quite susceptible.

    Hope you feel better soon! X

  • Hey don't worry! I had mine done at 34 weeks and just suffered a bit of arm ache in the evening. It really didn't hurt, in fact I didn't feel it at all. When I asked what was in it (meaning am I going to feel crap later), turns out its basically what they give to the pre school children and it covers loads of stuff including tetnus! And no there's nothing to live that will make you groggy either. Best over and done with :) Next on the list flu jab 1st October!

  • Hi just had my whooping jab and flu jab this morning. So far feelin fine just arm ache with the whooping jab. I'm 34 weeks today so glad I got them done as better to be safe than sorry. All the best x

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