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Breastfeeding with nipple shields

Breastfeeding with nipple shields

Hi everyone, sorry not been on more things have been pretty hectic!

So post placenta previa, c section, readmission to hospital Isaac is now 12 weeks and amazing!

I just wanted to reassure people about Breastfeeding. I breast fed my previous 2 children but Isaac was a different kettle of fish!

Whilst growing in me he devloped a habit of sucking his tongue to the roof of his mouth. This stopped him from latching on properly so we were readmitted at 2 days old as he'd lost too much weight.

The nursery nurses on the ward were amazing and I ended up feeding him using a nipple shield as it kept his tongue down.

Once home I kept getting told that I need to get rid of the shields, it'll effect my milk supply, he won't feed properly etc etc.

Well here I am 12 weeks later, Isaac is still Breastfeeding using the shields as he won't/can't feed without. He is gaining weight beautifully and sleeping through the night! My milk supply is abundant!

So my story is do what is right for you and your baby and it'll always work!

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Aw what a cutie he is!!!

Thank you for sharing this with us here. I am firtst mum to be so all advices are greatly appreciated.

I would like to bf my baby and have already bought breast shield just in case I need it. Fingers crossed I will succeed as I know how important it is.


Well-done hun

Firstly for following your heart as my response to many questions I see / hear on this forum and from other people is YOU, are ultimately the person who knows your baby / child best.

Id also like to thank-you for the "encouragement" as I bought a pair of nipple shields to attempt breast feeding with once my Lil-one arrives in early November. Although this is going to be my 2nd child it will be my 1st experience with using these "shields" so Im now looking more forward to it. :)



Wow well done u sleeping through the night! I've always struggled to get my little ones to sleep thru especially when breast feeding...u give me hope...he is a little cutie x


Well done Hun. What a gorgeous little boy you have. I'm breastfeeding exclusively my little boy Louis now 11 weeks old. He's the only one of 3 I've fed myself. I love every minute its challenging at times and tiring but I'm so glad I persevered through the first two weeks of misery and soreness cos its well worth while in the long run. :-)


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