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When did you get your stretch marks

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Almost 31 weeks and touch wood, so far nothing despite a rapid growth spurt! My sis reached 35 weeks (20 years ago) before they exploded over night on her belly. I haven't religiously been putting anything on my stomach, just bio oil when I think about it.

I'm sure they will appear but not looking forward to them as, well let's face it, they ain't attractive ( just like my lady garden at the minute ... Haven't been able to see that without a mirror for a few weeks ) :p

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Now!! I'm 29 weeks and i look like I have a map on my belly because of all the stretch marks lol!! That's the only place I have them so far so hopefully won't appear anywhere else! And now how you feel about last garden! I just feel lucky I can still see my feet!x

I was quite lucky, I didnt get any and my baby boy was healthy 9lbs 6oz, 11days overdue and i put on bout 3st 10lbs whilst pregnant!! I used bio oil twice daily but put it down to having been a 'big girl' in my teen years. So there is hope :-D x

Didn't get any until about a week before giving birth but they've faded a lot now & baby is nearly 5 months old. Was using cussons mum&me stretch mark fader after giving birth. I think it's just the luck of the draw if you get them it not!

It Depends on ur skin type my friend is a big girl and put on 5 stone and had 10lb babies and didnt get any but another friend only put on a stone and got them it's all down to ur genes I think.... body horrible things they are I hate mine :(

I think we all focus on them and think how hideous they are and our men are too busy focused on our bums, or our boobs to even remotely notice lol. They are our warrior lines and will be testament to the love we have for our wee ones :) I've had 1 mini one appear on the front of my stomach and a few faint ones going down the side of my hips. I'm only 21 weeks xx

I got to 37 weeks with none and now at 39+4 there's more & more by the day - I can cope with them, bu t the itching drives me mad!! lol. I don't think there's any stopping them! x

I am 40 weeks pregnant today and have a really big bump now and still don't have any stretchmarks. I think everybody is different but I haven't had any at all, so u might be lucky like me x

I didn't have any until this week, nearly 38 weeks, I thought I'd got off lightly but no such luck! I hope you don't get any.

I will be 40 weeks on Friday and don't have any stretch marks so am hoping I have got away with it. Apparently if you mum didn't get any you are unlikely too. I have put stretch mark cream on religiously morning and night since I I pregnant which may hav helped x

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My mum was stretch mark free with all her pregnancies.....I wasn't so lucky with this one (my first and my body is already destroyed lol). Another old wives tale I fear x

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