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Due date tomorrow and still no labour signs!! Sweep booked for Wednesday, does it work?

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Well the day we have been waiting on all year has finally arrived, it is my due date tomorrow but still no signs of our little girl. She has been teasing us for weeks, I had been getting really bad sickness and diarrhoea (sorry if TMI), cramps and twinges all last week but for the last couple of days I have been getting absolutely no labour signs whatsoever. I really don't want to go overdue as I am fed up waiting, but think its going to be a reality. Got a sweep booked for Wednesday though so fingers crossed it works :) Has anyone else had a sweep? what exactly is it and does it work?

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Hey! I'm first time mum so can't really help on what a sweep is etc but my partners cousin had one last Tuesday and she had her wee one by the next night :) hope she comes soon for you, I feel like I've got ages to wait! So jealous of everyone having their wee ones just now! I'm so impatient to meet my wee man hehe!x

I'm hoping that it works! I'm really impatient too - the last fortnight has been a nightmare it seems to have really dragged in! Hopefully not too long to wait now. Hope the rest of your pregnancy comes in quick for you too x

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its a bit uncomfortable but the more uncomfortable the better basically they try to stretch ur cervix and with one finger in the outside of ur cervix and one on the inside they turn their fingers round ur cervix I think it helps get the hormones going its more likely to work if ur overdue I've had it dine with both my boys but at 37 weeks and then 38 and my waters went 9 days early with the first but didn't work with the second so fingers crossed ur have to let us know! X

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I will only be one day overdue so don't know if that will decrease the chances of it working or not! I'm not bothered about it being uncomfortable as long as it works haha! I am getting so impatient now, just want to meet and cuddle her :)

Try to be patient as babies have their own timing! Sometimes sweeps do the trick and other times you're left waiting even longer. The success will really depend on how ready your body is to give birth, if the cervix is ripe then its usually successful and not painful. However the loosening of your bowels is a good indication that the body is at least preparing itself for the big event so I don't think you'll have long to wait :)

Fingers crossed it works then! x

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It's 50/50 really works for others didnt work for me.good luck and all the best .x

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fingers crossed it works for me, getting really impatient now x

Hi I wrote this in reply to a question & thought you might like a read too as pretty similar.

My MW at 39 wks could not reach to do sweep at 39 but I did have a sweep at 39+6 as I went to ANDU to be checked as thought I had a hind water leak. I was 1-2cm dilated and was given a 'good sweep' as she put it and also said, we could easily break your waters if we needed too.

Unfortunately for me it didn't work...however....doesn't mean to say it won't work for you. I also wondered if it still might have helped/encourage the cervix to continue to efface. It might be a question of how 'favourable' your cervix is now, is it 'Effacing & Dilating, & by how much?

If you facing the decision of an induction then a sweep is a less invasive way of trying to start you off. Relax & Go for it

A newly qualified MW friend said could try this too; have a sweep, then have intercourse twice within 8hrs (partner needs not to have ejaculated within a good 48hrs) & then do doggy style (Sorry if TMI) and that may bring it on.

The MW at the hospital also said there was twice as much prostaglandin in semen then in the pessary they use for induction so if your ready for labour it might all kick off

Good luck and will look forward to baby news from you soon xx

Thanks for all your good advice :) I will tell my other half about the sex twice in 8 hours thing, he will love u, he will think its his lucky day lol! But I am that desperate I would try anything haha

That's what MW said to me....if nothing happens your man will be a happy one ;-) It'll be a while before you let him near you again but this baby miracle will be well worth that sacrifice!

My little superman is 3 days old :) xx

I will give it a bash lol of try anything now lol! Aw he is Absolutley beautiful, u must be proud as punch, hope labour was okay for u x

Oh wow not long to go hopefully. Wishing you the best of luck and that your not kept waiting to long to meet your baby girl. Baby number three sweep at 39 weeks didn't do anything for me at all. It did however work on baby number two and within hours was in full swing of labour. Just depends whether your ready baby's ready and your body's ready. If all three are not keen you may well be kept waiting. Either way baby will arrive so lots of luck xx

Im hoping it works, been getting lots of niggles and pains today so hopefully that means something is getting started x

I'm 39 + 2 today and have had a sweep this morning. It was slightly uncomfortable but nothing too bad. The MW said she could feel my cervix and she made me bleed slightly. Since then I have lost a little jelly like pink stuff and am now suffering with back and belly ache. Yet baby seems to still be being active. Hope your little one arrives soon x

Oh that sounds quite promising, sounds like something is happening for u! I hope it works for me, going to be bouncing on my exercise ball tonight and hopefully that will get me ready for sweep tomorrow. Im hoping the sweep isn't too uncomfortable, but Im getting desperate so I will try anything lol

It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be just uncomfy Hun. I've been on my ball. I hate this waiting game. Hope it goes well for you x

Me too! Let's hope our babies don't jeep us waiting too long x

Ooo that's sounds promising!! All the best and look forward to news soon :) X

Your lucky you booked in for a sweep, in my area they tell me thu won't give you a sweep until you are 12 days overdue! Really hope your baby comes soon for you - exciting! X

What!!! Surely that's down to the pregnancy, health of mother and baby not just a random 12days, when do they induce then if the sweep does not work within 48hrs, you'd be 42 weeks before induction surely

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That is mad that you have to wait 12 days for a sweep, I am getting mine at 40 +1 so I'm quite lucky then I don't have to wait very long! Let's just hope it works now! Xx

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