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Piece of plastic in food!


Last night I craved some soup and so I dogged out some instant soup from the cupboard, didn't even think to check if it was in date. I cooked it using a pan and ate it all, when I got to the end I found a piece of plastic in my bowl. I freaked out and went to check the packet, it has expired in march 2012!! I'm 33 weeks pregnant now and worried if I've harmed my baby with the out of date food and also the plastic within the food? Did the plastic pass to my unborn? Obviously I didn't eat the plastic but it was cooked with the soup so it must of release something into the soup right? Worried sick now :(

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Hi, if you haven't been sick by now I would say try not to worry too much. I also doubt it will pass to your baby but I totally understand how you feel.

I had stomach bug recently was sick for two days, did go to the hospital they did some test and then sent me home, after 6 days I decided to make chicken salad and cook some choritzo to put a bit more flavour in my salad and whilst I was cooking it I decided to try just tiny tiny piece. Woke up the next day and pour my guts out. It was so bad I ended up being admitted into hospital as I was so dehydrated and was put on the drip.

I am usually so careful what I eat, how I cook my food what kind of frypan I use (i did post here something regarding this, believe it or not haha) but sometimes we just make mistakes, we are only humans so please don't feel guilty.

If you are really worried just called your gp tomorrow and explain what you did but I am quite sure they will tell you all is well xx


Hey there, don't beat yourself up over this. There are a million and one things we are advised to do, not do, avoid this and that, (apparently in France women still eat brie and blue cheeses as there's no guidance not to) its enough to make you paranoid. Realistically this is a minor event and I would be very surprised if this causes harm to the baby. Baby is pretty much fully developed by now and as the other post says if your are not sick now you probably won't be.

You sound very clued up on your food choices, but for further reassurance have a look at the Food Standards Agency website there'll be loads of info there regarding safe food dates.

In the mean time thanks for reminding me of my job for the day - the dreaded kitchen cupboard clear out.... I may be gone for some time... :)


Thank you all for the reassurance and good luck with all ur little ones xx


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