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Baby engaged at 34+2?


Im confused as to what an "engaged" baby means! Saw my midwife today who said baby is engaged, head down and ready to go! Should i be concerned that I'm only 34 weeks? Does it mean baby will come early? Im a first time mum so just want to see if anyone else has had this before!


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Hi, "engaged" is when babies head starts to descend into your pelvis. Usually measured in fifths (I.e 2/5 of babies head is engaged) did she mention how engaged baby is?

It's not too early by any means although it probably is earlier than lots of first babies engage - I think my first started engaging at around 36 weeks. It doesn't mean that baby will come early, in fact I'd consider it a big plus that he/she is in the right position!

All good stuff :-) x

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No she didn't mention how engaged baby is. Ill check my notes to see if she wrote anything in there! Thanks for replying, was starting to panic! :)

I am 34 weeks as well and wonder how much my baby is engaged too. I felt such a pressure at the bellow area on Saturday that at one point I thought my baby might pop out lol. Saw my midwife today for a check up and she said it is normal but she wasn't very helpful and felt she just wanted me out the door asap, which is quite frustrating as I would have loved for her to be more specific about it and give me more info. Like you all of this is new to me so not sure what to expect. At least we know it is good sing and that they are getting ready for the birth :-)

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I know! Kinda puts it into perspective that they are defiantly coming put now though.... Eep!! :P

My baby's head was enagaged at 33 weeks, my due date is tomorrow and she is still not here so doesn't mean baby will come early, just that she is well prepared lol :) xx

I was 2/5ths engaged at 32 weeks, now nearly 38 weeks so not really a sign of early labour. But it is really positive that baby has found the right position early. Good luck

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