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Gaviscon for reflux and bad wind?

My baby has been on gaviscon for her reflux for the past three months, however recently she's been getting awful wind and trumping away. It's starting to bother her as she's getting really upset and it's affecting her sleep! Feeding her has been a challenge too as having to deal with the wind as well as the reflux isnt easy and i feel bad for her. Anyone else had this problem or can give me any tips please? Anything to help my little one.Thanks :-)

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Im guessing the gaviscon has been prescribed by you G.P, so it may help to try & get another appointment to go back & see the G.P about any other "possible solutions.

How old is your baby? & does she usually have a problem with bring-up her wind.

I would of thought "gaviscon" would be the last resort of relieving wind for a baby.



Hi there thanks for your reply. She's 17 weeks gaviscon was prescribed with ranitidine for her acid reflux, always been pretty good at bringing up wind but seems to be trumping a lot which is bothering her, got paediatrician appt next month to try and sort it all just wondered if anyone had any advice in the wind bit x


Try lying her on her back and 'cycling' her legs, like she's riding a bike. It used to help my son let his wind out - in fact 2 minutes of cycling and I'd be afraid he was going to blow himself off the bed ;-)

I hope she gets some relief, I know it's miserable x


Hi dons88 thanks so much for the advice ill give it a whirl. Ill try whatever I can to help her. Thanks again :-)x


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