Should I be worried?

Occasionally from low bp will have faint or be suddenly short of breath. this morning had an incident feeling very faint and short of breath. Had to sit down, just about strip off to cool down and after 10 mins finally started feeling a bit better. Had a glass of water and been taking easy all day (like everyday). Has happened a few times and docs and midwife not to worried unless actually faint and then get checked out. But today even though feeling better still just feel off. Nothing can say that's what's the matter, just not myself. Wondering whether just worrying to much or should call the doc x


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  • Hi hun I think you should get checked over to put your mind at ease. Its horrible worrying xx

  • wrote this then felt a bit daft. Always tell everyone else to get checked out if worried and I'm asking. Phoned doc, phoning me back with an appointment. Is quicker than midwife cos hosp 40mins away where as docs literally round corner. Thanks x

  • What About ur iron did they check that as well? Maybe Ur bp has got lower? I'd get checked but I am a panicker! Thing is u don't want to actually faint really u could hurt urself.... I've only fainted once but have nearly fainted a few times before I was pregnant. .. and I really sweat all over and feel very tired after and have to sleep. .. if ur feeling more rougher than usual then best to get looked over x

  • What did the docs say did the take bloods from you? I fainted twice at the weekend but I had my baby 16 days ago. In A&E they said mine was down to low blood pressure and there was nothing they could do about it other than drink lots of fluid. They never even took blood off me to check my iron levels. Had a community midwife come out to see me today for the first time after being at home since 4th sept and she took bloods from me. I am wondering if I am anemic.

  • Poss you are, that's what said to me earlier on in pregnancy. Took blood pressure, which is still low, but stable. They took bloods again (i'm already on iron tablets) checked my heart rate and again was showing an arrhythmia but by time ran ecg was perfect. So sent home rather than stressed out going to hosp as been a few times now for same thing and they always send me home after a couple of hours saying everything fine when doc at surgery thinks otherwise. Is like have symptoms one min then gone the next. Got midwife thurs but doc wants me back in tomoz to check bp etc and bloods should be back. Said if feel faint again today though just to go straight to hospital, or if have chest pains etc, but not really suffered much in way of chest pains. And again have to rest and put my feet up :/ x

  • I was short of breath and felt faint towards the end of my pg, had low iron levels and was given tablets but was told not to worry. Hope you'll feel better soon x

  • I've passed out several times due to anaemia. I find apples help me when I start feeling faint x

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