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Nose of a blood hound

my Hormones must taken a change again as I can really smell things again. ... and everything stinks! I Can smell people's breath really strongly and the smell of cooking even heating up peas and sweetcorn really smelt horrible! Wonder Why our sense of smell increases? maybe it's so we can smell if things are off so we don't become ill. .. prob goes back to caveman days :)

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I've noticed this too. My sense of smell returned strongly at around 36 weeks and I can't stand it when they clean the kitchen area at work - no idea what they use but I actually like the chlorine/bleach smell of what I use at home :-) I also really love newly laundered washing...nesting anyone :-)

Quite possibly does go back to caveman days and keeping safe for our little ones.


I am only 8 weeks and smells are driving me mad at the mo....can be feeling ok then try to cook tea and that's it everything smells awful and by the time tea is cooked is no way I can eat any. Don't know why our sense of smell gets so strong but so wish it didn't xxxx


Have you found anything that smells really lovely? I've found olive oil smells amazing but the smell of the tyres on the road when it was warm was hideous!


No I wish it would. .. olive oil? Lol everything just stinks!


My husband loves whiskey. I hate the smell of whiskey.

I fell asleep and when I woke up 'the whole flat STANK of whiskey'; I woke up in a right grumpy declaring the living room stank.

...What ACTUALLY happened was: I fell asleep; husband thought he'd use this opportunity to have a whiskey before bed & took cap off bottle, then I woke up, so he put the lid back on. He hadn't even poured any into the glass, just taken the lid off the bottle in the kitchen, but as far as I was concerned he might has well have shaken the bottle over the carpet. Ridiculous.

I tell you, he should hire me out at Customs at the airport! ;)


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