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Fed up with being fed up

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Tired, bored, fed up, feeling sick! Sound familiar? if have to put up with myself whining much more may actually go mad! Is all I seem to do at moment, and before I hardly ever moaned at all. My OH was always proud of saying how I never nag him (not true - was just how I asked that made difference! 'Please can you put up shelves' was replaced with 'can you show me how to put this drill thingy together' and voila shelves went up :D ). Now however just moan and whine, so fed up of it I'm whining about whining!!! Baby woke up kicking like mad after some quite strong tightenings (no we are nowhere near ready to pop - bump not even dropped yet :/ ) and found myself crying and telling the baby I'm sorry, but it will all be over soon and then we'll all be happy and together. And then being very upset at the thought of not being pregnant anymore - so glad OH still in bed. Think I am going slightly over to the wrong side of the sanity line. Anyway hope you all feeling slightly less moany and slightly more sane than me today :) x

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All I feel like I do is moan so I've stopped ringing friends cos I just moan. .. I'm so exhausted another long sleep but still tired. .. my back aches and I get irritable and agitated. . So I know how u feel I just want to be on my own then I'm not miserable and moany

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Thank goodness for this forum. At least when moan on here you know other people feel the same way or understand you. Think most fed up of people asking how you feel cos if you tell them the truth you find out actually they didn't really want to know! Want to be left alone, but then get frustrated with myself can't do anything - just want my baby here now (yes very impatient I know) so can stop being a miserable cow and actually enjoy them rather than feeling bleh all the time! x

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I feel like all i do is winge about being tired and ill too! I hate it coz i usualy just man up and get on with it, id love to be one of those women who have lovely pregnancies but getting sick everyday, no energy because i cant sleep a wink, hip and back pains and all the other crap is getting me major down! IM constantly hoping that my baby comes early just so i don't have to be pregnant anymore! Ah well 8 weeks left! Hoping your feeling better soon !! Xx

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I'm the same keep looking for signs cos I just want to get this baby out and feel normal again!

Your so not alone,

I have turned into winger of the year I am sure and I think no one is more shocked about it than me. Sometimes I get bored of listening to my own voice!!! lol x

I'm also fed up !! 37+4 and can't walk without feeling like my arse is gonna fall off !! Blew the exercise ball up this morning in the hope that will take a bit if pressure of but I'm the size of a fricking whale so rolling around on it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, I no I love my lil man more than anything but really don't think il put my body through this again :) xxxx

i know, feel so guilty some times want it to be over, but just want baby here safe and not feel this anymore. The amount of people saying isn't pregnancy wonderful. In truth, for me, no, it hasn't been. The result will be, but can honestly say this has been some of the hardest months of my adult life. I know I certainly won't be in a hurry to do again. Besides know OH isn't keen for me to do again in a hurry. In fact told my grandparents would prob be the only one. Not sure agree with that yet, but as have just suffered whole way through and now just being a complete pain and nag can see he has a point. If there was just half an hour in the day where could say wasn't in pain or feeling sick wouldn't mind as much, but is relentless. Then of course is lack of sleep! Thank you ladies for making me feel a bit better. Knowing I'm not alone certainly helps. Esp as I've never been one for whinging, and used to have to be told to take my hols - so 9 months being forced not to work really has not improved my mood! Anyways looks like my OHs decided we are going out for lunch, so best make an effort. Charlottedavies, don't worry gym ball gets easier to use with practice. Took me a while to get used to it, but now can say is one of few things that does help take pressure off. Not enough, but when you always in pain you take all the relief you can get. Anyone got any peeves please put on here. Just feel like there's a need for a rant today so go for it, and hopefully tomorrow will feel less aaargh! :) x

Argh, feeling the same here - so huge and unable to do anything much and watching the garden deteriorating around me as well. Last week I sat and watched the Great North Run knowing I was one of those healthy-looking runners there a year ago. I miss my running and I hate being so inactive!

On the bright side we're only like this for a relatively short amount of time and the reward at the end is far more than anything else you get in life - your very own little baby :-)

I am the exact same, Just completely and utterly fed up! I am 5 days overdue today and it is horrible! It feels like we have been waiting the whole year to get to our due date and now the due date has been and passed and still no baby! Its great to have a moan and a vent on here because everyone feels the same it saves me having to take all my frustration out on my partner lol! But you are very true we are only going to feel like this for a short period of time then we will have the best reward in the world for it :) xx

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