Kicked in the cervix :/

Yesterday my husband suggested it might be a good idea if Saturdays became Queenie's bath night. So, I've just had a bath. Baby Nutella has had a LOVELY time...kicking me in the cervix. This is the second day running of 'cervical football' now, and I don't like it :/

He asked how my bath was. I replied ''Interrupted''. He thinks it's funny.

Kicking my belly was funny, and entertaining, and reassuring.

Cervix? No thank you.


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6 Replies

  • I know what you mean. I dont miss that feeling at all lol.i know most of the ladies love being pregnant but i was always dreading every kick cos it felt like my daughters hands or legs will pop was so painful at the end that i couldnt walk normally but i survived and she's with us now.good luck hun xx

  • I don't know what's so fascinating down there but I'd like her to leave it! ;)

    Leave the cervix alone for another three and a bit months, thank you Nutella ;)

  • Ha Ha def a weird feeling! Maybe it's s sign of them trying to get out lol :)

  • LOL I hope not! She needs to stay in there for a nother 3 and a half months!

  • Haha :-)

    I'm not sure which one is better anymore " being kicked in & around the cervix or having their feet in & around your ribs"

    I was so happy to find-out when I found out im having a Lil girl but I reckon she'll be just as mischievous as my son was/is.



  • I've decided she's a naughty one and she takes after Daddy ;)

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