18 weeks tommorrow and Im still smoking. I have had quite a few days off over the last months and it keeps my stress levels down

Im thinking to do the stoptober thing thats on the tv. My pregancy is going ok though, but my sister in law gave up and got so stressed out this might have been why she had a miscarriage. I think its best to keep calm and smoke as little as poss.

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  • i have heard drs say that the stress of giving up is just as bad as smoking... its the risk your willing to take...i heard about someone who had poor oxygen flow to the placenta and if she had smoke then her baby wouldnt of survived...but then other people have smoked all the way through and their babies have been fine... if you cant give up then the next best thing is to cut down and smoke light cigarettes.

  • Its hard for me to comment as I've never smoked and I am really against smoking and drinking in pregnancy but obviously I do not know how it feels to be addicted to them. Is there a local help to quit group near you? Im sure with willpower and right support you could do it. Xx

  • As above not a smoker and very against smoking and drinking in pregnancy. What about finding something that could help with the stress, maybe ante-natal yoga or meditation? Along with support group as mentioned above. Only you know how you will cope, but I would really want to give it a go if it were me. Good luck x

  • have u thought about lozenges or gum? that way u get the small kick of nicotine to help stop u stressing out and reducing the harmful chemicals in the cigarette getting to ur baby. I'm a non-smoker so I dont know what its like, but my partner smokes and Ive watched him give up and start again loads of times so I can appreciate the struggle xx

  • Hi yeovilmum, fantastic that you have been cutting down but would be great to completely stop, not just for baby but also for you. As well as being a mum to be (32 weeks now) I am also a health psychologist and work with helping people to stop smoking including pregnant women. If you want to message me I can try and get you some support in your local area. Not many people realise this but stopping smoking makes you less stressed so it's definitely worth giving it a shot! Xx

  • Thanks. I still have some tabs and lozenges left so ill use them from october. I like the idea of lots of people giving up together for the campaign. Ill def start silkcut again my boyfriend does mind sometimes :)

  • Hi there, in all fairness its the smoking that causes the stress. I used to smoke and was so ill with 1st I quit but had the odd relapse over the years thinking it wouldn't hurt me until I realized that the craving for fags stressed me out, not that I was stressed and needed a fag. In short no fags = no stress.

    The final straw was when I have cervical smears reading as 'pre cancerous' and had to have loop diathermy treatment to remove the affected cells that I vowed never to touch a cigarette again. Even being in a smoky environment has a big effect, my ex husband never quit in all that time so I was passively smoking constantly and even that affected the cervical cells so I had abnormal results for over 10 years

    Smoking does untold damage to the cells in your body and is known to affect the baby too. It is always your choice at the end of the day but there is loads of support to kick the habit and benefits far outweigh the perceived comfort that fags offer. The main thing is to not give up on giving up once you choose that route. Good luck :)

  • Good for u to think about giving up. I'm not a smoker myself but a lot of the guys in my work have the E cigarette & they say its great. It gives them the feeling if smoking without actually taking anything harmful. Good luck with whatever u decide xxx

  • I used to smoke before I got pregnant and the day I found out I was expecting I quit straight away. Yes it's hard but it gets easier each day and it's so worth doing to ensure your giving your baby the best possible health :) good luck!! :) xx

  • well done embee, i bet it is the best motivator ever xx

  • Thank you :) it is indeed :) xx

  • read either 'the nictotine trick', ' quit smoking in 1 hour' or Allan Carrs books on stopping smoking. I smoked for over twenty years and stopped when I wanted to try for a baby. The above make it so easy and you wont be stressed. Not only will you be so proud of yourself for helping your baby now but you'll also be massively cutting the risk of cot death by not breathing over your baby after it is born. And there is nothing worse than seeing a poor baby in a pram and a mum holding a burning fag with smoke going in the poor mites face. I never thought I could quit and now I couldn't imagine anything worse than being addicted to fags. Believe me if I can do it anyone can!.

  • OK guys!!

    Im on day three of NOT SMOKING!!! Im waiting for the stoptober stuff to come through the post but Id thought Id get a head start seeing as I can usually not smoke for a few days anyway. when that comes through Ill have some more encouragement! Any more encouragement from you guys would be appreciated though! thank you muchly xxx

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