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38+6 and my little one is playing games

I know technically we still have two weeks to go (maybe even 4), but my OH and me really are getting very twitchy now. I've still got one more week of work but only 2 days of this will be going into the office.

On Tues I really thought things were kicking off as I started getting regular period/backache pains on and off every 10 mins or so. As they were quite mild I decided to go into work and the pain eased off after a couple of hours.

Yesterday I was getting pain at the top of my stomach which seemed to be coming and going but I now think this was food related as my eldest daughter was unwell with tummy ache.

Baby has been 3/5 engaged on my last two checkups so I'm waddling around quite uncomfortably with my SPD not helping.

Argh...the waiting is the hardest part now I think (until labour starts of course! )

My eldest was born on her due date, much to everyone's surprise. Her sister was induced due to being small for dates. With a 14 year gap it's anybody's guess when this on will arrive.

He/she is obviously very comfortable and likes to somersault around and hiccup frequently. I can even feel fingers and toes wriggle now and again :-) Can't wait for that first cuddle...

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Aw not to long to go now, hopefully he/she won't play about and let you hanging for long.

You are right the waiting is probably the hardest especially that we are so uncomfortable at this stage, I don't remember when I had good night sleep.

I am almost 34 weeks and have had period like pains since early this morning and dull pain in my lower back so a little alarmed if honest as I think it is still early for our baby to make his way out. Also he is really pushing down atm. Think just in case I will double check I got everything in my hospital bag.

Keep us posted how you get on x


Most of my pregnancy seems to have flown by, but I think time has suddenly slowed down. But really 2 weeks is not long. I know what you mean about lack of sleep...

Hopefully your little one won't show up too soon - I think we notice every little twinge as the due date looms.

I will certainly be posting as soon as I can after the little one shows up x


U just want to meet them don't u.. sounds like ur on ur way thou. .. hopefully things will progress its understandable how frustrating the waiting game at the end...I mean we have been pregnant most of the year! Hope Things happen for u soon x


Certainly do just want to be holding him/her...even knowing the chaos that will ensue in our lives as a result :-) Just trying to keep myself busy and not repack the hospital bags (again)! Thanks x


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