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Nose Bleeding and Weight Gain

Hiya, my nose is bleeding everyday. Is it normal?

I am 33 week and before pregnancy I am 43 kg now I put 18 kg until now. I dont understand why this is so much since my apperance does not change so much. Last 7 weeks also I will gain weight perhaps I have concerns. Is there anybody like me very thin before pregnancy and gain weight like me? I also dont eat sweet stuff.

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Hey, nose bleeds are common as the blood vessles in your nose get weaker- I had them daily. As for weight, although I wasnt as thin as you to start with, I put on about 24kg in pregnancy but it was all baby. 11 days after i had him I had lost 15kgs!! I panicked at first about the weight gain but it is all coming off now!! :-)


not should ring your midwife and let her know...if they are very bad then i would pop to maternity triage to get them to check you out....ring your maternity dept and ask to speak to maternity triage no harm in getting checked out x


Hi there, I suffered with nose bleeds towards the end if my pregnancy, really bad heavy ones. Midwife said it was common and they kept an eye on me as didn't have any other symptoms. Not sure about the weight gain as I put on 16 kilos in total. I'd definitely speak to your midwife about your concerns though just to be safe Good luck ;-)


I've had nose bleeds all through and as long as they stop and aren't to bad midwife said not to worry, though always ask if you're worried. Also I'm not big. Put on a lot of weight at start of pregnancy, though my appearance didn't change much, but since about week 20 I've hardly put anything on, have a tiny bump which didn't start to show until week 28ish and am due in slightly less than 3 weeks. If midwife was worried would send you for a growth scan to check baby was ok. In fairness I got sent for one at 28 wks just to be sure, but midwife said really common sense says if you weren't big to begin with you won't really get big. I have a really high metabolism so eating for two esp when been sick all way through been a challenge. If you're worried ask midwife. I've had quite a few probs but hasn't affected baby at all so you should be ok x


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