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32wks pregnant, pressure in bowel + loose bowel movement

Good morning all :)

Sorry for the detail ladies @ this time of the morning ( I hope you weren't eating your breakfast, but since yesterday evening ive being feeling a "rather firm" pressure around the lower part of my back & it gradually travels down to my bum area.

Its not painful or anything, the best way to describe it is the feeling you feel when you wanna do a poo, but when I go to the toilet it's very little to loose poo. ( Im so sorry again)

Common sense is telling me the baby has obviously engaged "herself" further into my pelvis but I just didn't expect this so soon "I think"

I guess the fact that this is my 2nd child everything is alot looser up there so the baby has decided to be a "clever cloggs" & push herself down.

The plus side is the fact that my Mum is back in the country (after her holiday to the Caribbean) so It wouldnt be so bad but Id just like a bit more time to make sure Ive got everything ready "thats all"

Just wondering if any of you ladies have / is experiencing the same thing ( around this time / gestation)


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I have been going to the toilet more but very constipated...and feeling like everything is bearing down..but if you start getting any pains I would def get it checked...32weeks is a bit too early as lungs aren't fully developed and you would need steroids to mature baby's lungs and they take 24-48hours to get in the system....they say having the runs can be a sign of labour and u can have labour pains in lower back so harm in getting it checked xx


Thanks for the reply babymother

Im willing to see how I feel in the next 12-24hrs from now as the bowel movement aren't completely runny but just very soft. I only seem to notice that "bearing down" feeling at night / late evening when Im lying down ( at the moment) so I don't wanna worry myself just yet.



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