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Ive never hated clothes so much!!!


Hi all

I may sound as if ive totally gone insane but my body has been irritating me all day :-(

Thankfully the skin around my bump is not as bad but everywhere else has/is a "itch -itch story today.

( I feel like I wanna peel off my skin & stick it in the washing machine or something)

Ive changed the bed sheets & sinse ive got in " at about 4'oclock" ive been in my dressing gown but im still finding myself getting a sort of "tickling feeling" just about on all parts of my skin.

Ah-well once my son goes to bed im gonna try taking a nice warm bath then a good old moisturise



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Aww bless hope you feel better once you've had a nice soak! Xx


I'll join your club lol. I've been like this since i had my belly feels still numb after cc and any material irritates my skin plus i feel so so itchy!!!everywhere-arms,ears,legs,back...but applying double base at least 4times a day help little bit and trying distraction technique lol.i dont think about it in a day shen i'm busy when its night time its a different story. I think i'll have to put gloves on soon to not to scratch myself lol. Hope you'll feel better soon xx


Hi not sure by your post if you are still pregnant or have had your baby? If you are still pregnant you should really contact your midwife or Dr and tell then how itchy you are. It is pretty rare but I get a condition during pregnancy called Obstetric Cholestasis and the itch you are describing sounds pretty familiar to me. It is also very normal to itch during pregnancy without having this condition I am not trying to worry you but always worth checking up on these things. Cholestasis is when your liver isn't working properly and pretty much the only symptom is itching it is very simple to diagnose with blood tests. For me the itch is always worse if I am warm/hot...cooling down with cool shower or fan does help a bit. Good luck and hope it gets better for you know how awful an itch can be xxxx


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