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Labour signs???

Afternoon ladies, just wanted to ask your opinions from previous experience

Am I in early labour

Back ache loose bowls since Monday, nausea and headache, today I lost GREEN discharge sorry for two much info and on off tightenings and period pains

I'm 36 weeks tomo second baby but labour with first baby was all straight forward waters broke contractions came then gave birth, I also have strep b and gestational diabetes could these be symptoms of thoses.

Thanks in advance x

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Green discharge is not good, it means your baby has opened its bowels & is coming out in your waters. Ring your labour ward immediately & tell thm. I had that with my 1st & he was born at 36weeks.

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Thanks ladies I have called midwife she told me to put a pad on and check within 2 hours if there's lodes and still green to call back I can see is still green but no massive amounts .... Still getting pains on and off just going to hold on for a while see if anything happens xx


I would just go in shouldnt be green....can't believe she said that clearly green is not the right colour! Wait an hour so u have some on the pad and go in dont leave it, sometimes u get bad advice or it can be a student midwife...I know if I called my hosp they would say to go in if it was green x


Yeah i agree just go in green isn't good, Once your there they will check you over and do the necessary to put your mind at rest.


I would def be down the surely needs to be checked out, hope all's ok xx


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