What a day yesterday! Did 2 long train journeys (which I shouldn't have) did a load of house work, had the physio who basically said nothing more could do and we'll see how you are after baby arrive. Did give me reassurance that can actually give birth, measured how far can open my legs lol. And we went through alternate positions. So that was good news, though probably never ever going to be pain free (which I already knew). Then had all OHs family over which was nice. I really didn't have to do much as they even washed the dishes for us. But did take it out of me just entertaining. Had every emotion under the sun going on too, but by time got into bed at 10pm I was exhausted. The first of today I'd seen was 10.45am! Bliss. Granted am in agony cos so stiff but if its the only decent sleep I'm going to get for the next however long I'm going to boast about it lol. I slept uninterrupted all night :) x

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  • awww wow! bet the sleep makes ur busy day all worth it. Go u!! xx

  • Go away!! :P Lol. Although I had a good night too as it goes...3 solid hours in a row. That's the most I slept since just before James was born as I was ill. And hospital is noisy!! Lol x

  • Wow - you didn't even wake up for a wee all night?!?!?!?! X

  • :p Lol - nope not even for a wee - was bursting when woke up mind x

  • Yeh mee too been sleeping really well these days :-) really it's like baby sleeping ... And the feeling is great ... Especially sumone like me suffers insomnia at time n always been light sleeper....but what makes it worse is when I cnt sleep cuz of tossing n turning n I cnt get cosy to knock off to sleep ....lucky u joss :-))

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