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Advice on baby milk

Hi mums and mums to be

Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. My little one is 7 weeks old (was also 5 weeks prem) and we are having a slight issue with his feeds. He has been taking Aptamil number 1 since birth and mainly taking them fine. We are up to 120ml 4oz which he usually takes without any issues but he is sometimes still looking for more when he's finished it and he is wanting feeding sometimes within 2 hrs, (was doing 3-4 hrs) so we tried increasing to 150ml 5oz which I believe he should now be taking (weighed yesterday at 10lb 6) but he just doesn't appear to like it. Occasionally he takes it without a problem but mainly really slow, spitting it out and just doesn't want it. We've just put the feeds back to 120ml as he was being sick which he never was.

Basically am wondering if we should change milk or just keep on with the 150ml but don't want to make him poorly :(. Bizarrely if we give him a carton of ready made he drinks what he wants but clearly expensive way of feeding so would prefer powder.

I'm so confused about what to do....any advise/help welcome

Thanks :) x x

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My little boy went through a similar phase at 5 weeks! Was taking 4oz no problem and going 3/4 hours between, then he was looking for more so upped to 5oz then he was being sick so dropped back down, after a while he went back to normal, then he started messing round when feeding and taking ages! So I swapped the teats from size 2 to 3 and it really helped!! Perhaps worth a try? If he is still hungry perhaps try hungry baby milk? We used aptamil comfort as Hugo had terrible colic, changed to cow and gate now as its made by same company in the same factory and has exactly the same ingredients but is nearly £2 cheaper!! Xx


Thanks for your reply! I would actually say he started this at 5 weeks but thought we'd tried the 5oz too early. Good point about teats, will invest in some and see if that makes any difference thank you for that :)

I did wonder about changing to cow and gate too, forgetting they are made by the same company as like you say it is cheaper! Wasn't sure if we should try the hungry baby milk but when we have given him more he normally only takes 30ml 1oz which makes the's all so confusing!

Hope Hugo is over the colic now :) xx


I'd certainly give the teats a try! As soon as we changed, he went back to normal!

I couldn't believe it when I looked into cow and gate! The boxes are identical! Even the pictures on the instructions! Only difference is cow and gate is red and aptamil is blue! £2 per box will soon add up!

I find occasionally Hugo does just want a bit more and like you it's just 1oz! It's not worth making 5 as he wastes is more often than he takes it! Just have to do a bit extra when he needs it! I'm hoping we don't have to go onto hungry baby as they don't do it with the colic treatment as well! The colic formula is fabulous, he never gets it now thank God!!

Perhaps see how you get on with the new teats then if you find he is wanting that extra oz more often then see if you can get a few of the ready made hungry baby milk and try it. This way it will save buying one of the big cartons, just in case he doesn't like it!?



Defiantly going to give the teats a try - going to see if I can get some shortly fingers crossed :) can't believe I didn't think of that.

Glad your little one is over the colic :)

Thanks for your advice, will let you know how it goes :) xx


Hey! How's the feeding going? Any better? X


Hey, sorry I've been meaning to update. It been ok. The number 3 teats haven't really made any difference tube does seem to be able to stomach the 150ml a bit more now. The last few days he has been really weird with his feeds as he has wanted more and more- think he's having a growth spurt lol. Think he's a little coldy too but got doctors Thursday so will have a chat about feeding and things.

Hope all is ok with you and your little one :) xx


If he seems hungrier than his tummy volume allows, you could try Aptamil No. 2? It has more complex sugars so is harder for bubba to digest so keeps their intestines and tummy busier for longer. X


Hey, my little girl is 8 weeks premature & she is on premature baby milk, when she finally gets discharged thy said I can get it on a prescription frm my pharmacy till she is 1. I don't know if it is a wales hospital thing but worth a phone call if your little 1 is entitled 2 it being premature.


Is cow and gate exactly the same as aptimel? If so I'll definitely be switching!! How long shud it take to finish a bottle? Atm I predominantly breast feed but I'm cutting down with view to stopping. My little one is 10 weeks and weighs 9 14lb she has 120 usually on bottle only past few days has finished the 120ml. Am also still using size 1 teats... she usuallu takes around 20-30mins to finish bottle. She sleeps so much better on formula waking up once between 9-6 on boob she's waking up every 2-3 hrs :-(


Yep! It's identical! Same factory same ingredients even same customer helpline number! Take a look at the boxes next time you go shopping! I don't know how much it is where you shop/ live but here in morrisons aptamil comfort is £11.99 (just gone up from £10.99!!) Cow and gate is £10.43 I have also seen it in co op pharmacy for £9.50! (Different formulas cost more like the one for colic/reflux/intolerance etc)

Regards how long it takes to drink... all babies are different but I'd be tempted to try a bigger teat.. 30 mins is quite a long time... my LO drinks 4oz in about 15 mins at the most!! Size one is a newborn teat it has only 1 hole so less milk comes out! They have to suck much harder, which is a stronger reflex in a younger baby.

Most brands have age guidelines on the additional teats you can buy so perhaps take a look at them! Hugo went to bottles at 5 weeks old and only had size 1 for a week or 2! He is 11 weeks today and uses size 3!



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