Am I in labour?

This is my 3rd baby, my youngest will be 11 next month tho so it has been a while. Today I think I had a show. It was a mucusy snot looking thing. The past hour I've been getting pains on and off every 15-20 minutes. They aren't as strong as I remember them being the last time I have birth. I don't want to ring the MW in case it's a false alarm. But my lower back is in pain and I feel like I need to poo. Anyone else experienced this? I feel silly that I don't even know for sure myself. Thanks x


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7 Replies

  • Sounds Like is all happening!!! Give maternity a call they will probably tell u to have a nice Bath take some paracetamol and try and get some sleep but sounds like ur def on ur way u lucky thing! !! All the best x

  • I've been in the bath. Trying not to take any meds cos I don't like to not know if I'm in pain. I'm gonna call the hospital and let them know. I just hope it's not a false alarm. Thanks hunni xx

  • Yes it sounds like your in labour keep a note of how long the pains last and how many minutes between each one as it will give your MAU a bit of help ring them to let them know that you had your show so they know and just relax as much as you can as you will need all your energy for when the big event starts and all labour and births are different from your first you don't sound silly at all good luck and keep us up dated if you can

  • I am getting the exact same thing today. This is my first baby so I'm not sure what it is either but have been having period like crampy pains on and off, really bad low back pain and a constipation, pressure like feeling in my bum (sorry if TMI). I've been reading up on it and think it could be early labour pains, so a good sign that something is happening. So fingers crossed, and good luck xxx

  • Thanks ladies. I'm keeping an eye on the contractions/cramps. Going to get the kids in bed before I ring the hospital. Good luck Hannah x

  • Sounds like it is the start. Stay at home as long as you can before the pains get closer together as there is nothing worse than being stuck on a antinatel ward when you are in the early stages of labour. Obviously if you live really far from the hospital ring them and tell them how long the contractions are lasting for. Mine where coming and going every 9 mins and lasting for a minute that lasted for about 3 hours coming and going and I was 5cm by the time they took me through to labour ward.

  • We are about 30 minutes away from the hospital. Maybe 20 if traffic isn't bad. The contractions have stopped again now. Not had one since 7am. I'm just so tired so hoping to get some sleep in case it starts up again. Thanks for all the advice x

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