Watching one born every minute usa

how hilarious practically the whole family come in! One Woman had her partner in and her mum and dad and step dad were all there and the hate the partner. ..u could cut the atmosphere with a knife! Then the partners family turn up look Can't Believe how many people can go in...I personally wouldn't like it... to much and I def wouldn't have people bitching I'd tell them all where to go! Like U need that hello! Lol

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  • Omg what channel is that on ?? I love that show :) can't wait for uk one to start again but for now ill settle for USA xxx

  • I recorded it on more 4hd tues 12.10am x the midwives is on BBC 2 at nine tonight x

  • :-/. I had my mum and partner, with my dad loitering outside!!

  • Ah That's nice I remember my brother came up to see me but I was naked so wouldn't let him in bless him it was so sweet when i look back as we were quite young he did say to my partner that I sounded like a cow making noises screaming through the gas and air pipe lol x

  • lol i would hate everyone being in there with me!! We seem to be a bit stricter here as with my first (nearly 8 years ago) they said no more than 2 people at a time!!! I am going to see if its on demand and watch it!!

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