39 weeks tomorrow and nesting has kicked in!

I always thought nesting was something people made up or exaggerated but omg I woke up with the need to clean my bedroom with an inch of its life! I have been down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors, dusting, clearing out and antibacterial spraying everything in the room! I have spent about 5 hours cleaning the one room and I still can find more bits to clean lol! The rest of the house looks like a bomb has hit it but my bedroom is gleaming lol! I'm tired now so the rest of the house can wait, but you could eat your dinner off my bedroom floor lol! Pregnancy can make you do some crazy things lol!

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Woohoo not long now. . Yeah It's weird isn't it...I over done it the last couple of days and I'm really knackered now! But Feels so much better to know house is nearly done... but by the time my little one gets here it will need doing all over again! Lol x

Hannah I think you have just qualified to join the race to the finish line with myself and Ceribean. She's just over and I am 39+4 :)

Why haven't I had this 'nesting' urge yet lol....maybe cause I can barely walk and am shattered instead and that just takes over....I very nearly made chocolate brownies in an attempt to get off my butt...however...I got as far as getting the butter out of the fridge....maybe tomorrow lol ;-)

I had a burst of energy today but I am paying for it tonight, my back is killing me and I am absolutely shattered! But lying in bed with fresh clean sheets knowing my room is spotless is a good feeling! I made a cake, cookies and cupcakes yesterday just for something to do because I have been getting so bored, only bad thing about that is I have nearly ate them all lol! Yeah it is a good feeling to be so close, we can see the finish line girls! Hope our babies come soon and don't make us wait much longer!

Do you live near Plymouth? Do you want to pop over and sort out our kitchen? ;)

Haha sadly live i Scotland so just a wee bit too far away lol!

Ah well, never mind....*sigh*

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