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How do you know when waters breaking?

Ok, I know that sounds like really obvious but know can be a slow trickle so just wanted advice. 36+3 and been feeling really very sick last few days (compared to normal feeling sick all time) but thankfully not throwing up at mo. (Prob just jinxed self) But twice now today had the slightest leak and had to change underwear til got pads(sorry if tmi) not a lot, and not discharge and doesn't smell, is just like water. No pain down there, not even had Braxton hicks, despite all the other pains I've had. Don't really want to call midwife just yet x

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It could be a small leak from the 'hind waters' I think I had this in the early 30 wks but as like a dribble when I got up in the mornings, I didn't worry about it too much and it can refill and replenish from what I have read. I am nearly 40 weeks and still waiting. I guess you need to look for other signs of labour. Have you had 36wk MW c/up? Do you know position of the baby? x


Baby head down, my ribs testament to that lol. And midwife said at 34 wks. Not had 36 wk check up - was leaving me til 38 as have so many appointments with my back but baby been so super throughout so was easier on me to wait if that makes sense x


Positive is then that if the waters continue to leak at least you know that bubs in heading in the right direction if any other symptoms occur :) X


Lol, good - at least one of us knows what to do :D x

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Hi Joda

I wouldn't call the midwife just yet (like U mentioned)

I'd wait & see if you get any other signs of labour 1st then you'll know for sure. Im currently 31+ wks and maybe due to the heat "of the weather" most days I feel very "damp" down there.

Well u never know.



If Ur waters go u may not get any other symptoms I didn't... try and strain like ur having a poo and see if any trickles out. .. if it does then def get it checked if ur leaking that means there is a tear in ur sac which can pose as a risk of infection. ... they can check by looking up there apparently they see ur waters pooling somewhere x


:/ may have to get checked out then. Bugger. Thanks for advice x


Mine when they went smelled very sweet - apologies for tmi! Was definitely not wee as had just been to the loo, also mine were a very pale pink if that helps. Mine did go with a whoosh however... Do get yourself checked out by the professionals though, there is no such thing as a daft question! X


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