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Feel like a vampire!

Omg why cant i sleep at night! During the day i feel like i aint slept in months so i can sleep all day. Waking up is a struggle, but as soon as bed time comes at night, its like my brain decides thats when i should do housework or read a book or something.

Im 21 weeks today, baby bump is starting to form finally, people are shocked when i say im 5 months cuz im so small! But i guess as soon as 6 months approches ill be as big as a house lol.

Ive tried relaxing with a bath, drinking tea, getting the OH to massage me, going to bed at set times. I just cant win. I dont eventually fall aslerp untill all hours of the morning.

Feeling baby girl kick properly also which feels wierd but amazing :) i just cant wait for our baby girl to arrive, i wanna see who she looks like, how shes gunna be, how will i cope in labour. All these thoughts and questions!


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It's Horrible I went thru a stage of not being able to sleep. . But if ur sleeping too much in the day then it's going to affect ur sleeping pattern...try to fight the tiredness thru the day and go to bed earlier even if u lay there for a bit hopefully u will drop off, it will get better I don't know why our bodies do this i blame everything on hormones! :)

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I am struggling sleeping at night and find it easier during day...I am 2 days overdue. Dont drink tea before lot of caffeine in...try hot milk or hot chocolate if you want a hot drink. Try finding things to keep urself occupied during day and then hav an earlier night...I hav managed to b able to do this as sleeping during day makes me feel groggy even tho I find it easier to do. An hour before bed...have a wind down. ..a hot bath and maybe read a book x


Ive been like this since i started feeling baby kick! Early on, i was in bed by half 8...granted i had to be up at 5am for work, but before i was pregnant, i used to go to bed at half 10 at the earliest. Early on in my pregnancy, it didnt matter how much sleep i got, it wasnt enough! Now, i can be up till 4am and decide im going to bed because i have to! I cant even nap in the day now as i keep thinking "oh this needs doing, that needs sorting!" I usually go to bed by 1am ish, but even then sometimes im just lying there. I havent really found anything that works to relax me, and the other half snoring in my ear doesnt help. The only thing i suggest is sleeping when u can, but try to keep as normal a sleeping pattern as possible! Baby will keep u up, but you're the boss ;) just relax as much as possible! (easier said than done, i know) :) x


The things our lil ones put us through! Its all worth it in the end though :)

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