Little one appears to be a character already!

My husband as an early birthday present booked me in for a 3D scan on Saturday and just wanted to share my amazing experience. Found out we are having a little man, and as soon as the scan turned on he gave us a thumbs up as if to say hello to us. Was also a right little wriggler and moving all over the place! Reckon he is going to be just like his daddy :) Really has made us feel closer to our little one and for those unable to wait for the surprise like us, I would really recommend it!! :D

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  • Ahh bless him! Congratulations on having a cheeky boy ;) we had a 3/4D scan at 28 weeks and was fantastic - he had a frown just like his Dad and we were lucky enough to get it on a picture and DVD x Oh and Happy birthday :)

  • Ah I really wanted to get one but money has put paid to that now lovely to see ur little one in such detail x

  • Thanks both. We were really lucky, there is a place down the road from us in Rugby which did them for £50 and considering we got 10 pictures, 4 printed, the rest on a CD, 3D and a sexing scan it was well worth it, costs £10 per normal scan at our hospital! Also, just feel like everytime I have a scan I feel that bit closer to him. Hubby is so overjoyed, I got a little sleep suit which says "daddy's bestest little boy" and he nearly cried. Been with him 5 years and that's the closest he has ever been to tears, including our wedding day! :D

  • Nevermind your husband, that last post made ME shed a tear! ;) Oh BLESS xx

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