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The cherry on the icing... *rant*

Okay, this might be a bit pathetic, but I have to get it off my chest...

My son is now four months old, and he is the best thing that's ever happened to me. He is worth every pain, every worry and every single sleepless night. For him I have endured an episiotomy on gas and air alone, I have endured a mastitis, I have endured having to express breastmilk 8 to 10 times a day to build up my milk supply, have managed to stand in the kitchen at 4am to sterilise the pumping equipment, knowing it needed to be ready again by 7am. I was sick with grief when after 2 months and despite countless sessions with breast feeding support workers I had to admit it just didn't work out and I had to switch to bottle feeding. I managed to go through this difficult first time almost alone because my family lives abroad and my husband currently has a 70 hours work week. I don't mind being puked on, peed on and shat on.

Somehow I coped with every obstacle in my way. I've even come to term with the fact that I'm fat now and my boobs will never be what they once were. But what sent me over the edge is that I'm now losing my hair! Was the above mentioned not enough? Is a receding hairline with bald temples to be my reward? If it is supposed to be, thank you very much, I'd rather have a nice piece of chocolate cake instead...

Rant over, feeling slightly better now ;)

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Oh Bless u some of my friends lost their hair well it got thinner. . Ur Hair stops falling out when ur pregnant so it looks like ur losing a lot when it stays falling out... hormones again! Have U tried the hair skin and nails vitamins from super drug or Holland and Barratt supposed to be good x


Thank you, Babymother! I'll definitely try that.

I haven't tried anything so far (except for fretting about it which doesn't help), I've only discovered my almost bald temples yesterday. Hope it helps, thanks again xx


I know how you feel!! I loved my pregnancy hair, it was so thick and shiny from not looking any fir 9 months then BAM!!! Give birth and 2 months later it all falls out!! Gutted!! I have been assured it's only the hair that you would have listing not pregnant, and you won't go bald! Running fingers through my hair and getting a handful of hairs has driven me to tears some days!! But as I say... it will just thin out to how it was before!

Sorry about your breastfeeding! I cried and cried and cried when I stopped (baby had horrific colic and it wasn't fair on either of us to continue!) I delighted can't be worse on anti colic bottles, and he us a dream now! Any way back to my point, you did what you could and every feed he had will have made a difference! I went to a breastfeeding class and was told breastfed babies don't get colic... Hugo got it and they don't get eczema... guess what! Hugo has that too!! There is so much pressure to do it! Don't get me wrong, I always said I will bf and I will do for the next one but advice in my opinion needs to be more honest and women need to be assured it IS ok to bottle feed and it Is ok to mix bottle and breast! New mums have a hard enough job as it is!

Back to the hair.. try skin hair and nails vitamins or berocca are good for hair etc too!! . Xx


Thank you for the tip and for your kind words, Rach! Sorry to hear about your breast feeding experience. Couldn't agree more with what you said about there being too much pressure. Now with a bit more distance I think of course it is important to try and give it some time, but sometimes it just doesn't work out despite all efforts and I just wish I hadn't beat myself up about it that much.

I'm glad to hear Hugo is good now. All the best to both of you! Xxx


Okay! Ladies you have officially scared the s***t out of me now

Im currently 31 + wks pregnant now with my 2nd child & although Im very happy ive thankfully pretty much "sailed through" without having to suffer from SPD, or any of those other nasties ( as I like to call them)

IVe also being very happy since I found out @at 20wk scan Im having a baby girl.

Ive never really being a true believer in all of those ( old wifes tales) from may centuries ago or anything but I must admit this pregnancy is alot different than my 1st as ive noticed my hair has become very dry most days ( despite washing & oil-ing regulary).

as much as this post did make me "chuckle" at the fact mentioning I dont even mind being pucked, pee'd or shat on as It just gets taken as part of the parcel, but to then have't to deal with your hair falling out OMG!!!


Oh no, I didn't mean to scare anyone! Sorry about that! If you didn't notice anything with your first pregnancy, maybe you are also lucky this time. After all, not everybody gets this problem!

Congratulations on your baby girl, I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues as well as the first 31 weeks :)



It's o.k

im not a person who gets scared very easily, but it was just the thought of combing my hair one day to get "clumps out"

I guess its the fact that ive done suprisingly well up to this point i keep thinking something like " my hair receding" be the grande finale.



I lost hair in clumps after all three of my babies and like you was sure I was going bald.....but I didn't the Dr did reassure me it is very normal after having baby and it did settle down eventually but remember it being very scary.

As for the breast feeding try not to beat yourself up...many women don't even try, some give up very easily, some have to admit defeat and some manage to continue to feed for a long time.....we are all different and there is nothing wrong with any situation. It is so easy to get hung up trying to do what we think is "right" that we lose out on valuable moments with our precious babies by fretting over things. You tried....by what you said you did an awful lot more than many women would, be proud of that and look at the time you fed for as a great success instead of looking at the stopping as a failure. Sounds to me like you are a wonderful Mum and doing a great job. Continue to enjoy your little one believe me they grow up far to fast xxxx


Thank you so much for your kind words! You are absolutely right, I am glad I have tried for so long and so many different things because I know I did all I could. But at the same time I also regret that because of all this stress and heartbreak I couldn't enjoy those first weeks with my son more.

Well, then I hope the hair loss will settle down soon, thank you for your reassurance! Xxx


I had the same problems. Luckily I live in an area where fresh fish is abundant and I got my dose of omega-3 and vitamin good for the skin in plentiful amount. Hang in there! It's going to get better. Trust me :)



Thank you, I'll try :)


Hi Don't worry it wont last. I can totally relate to everything you have said. The crux is the age of your baby (4 months) this is when your hormones normalise and your hair starts to fall out after 9 months of not losing any. I filled the plughole with hair when my little man hit the the 4 month mark. It's still coming out in handfuls now but it's getting better (now 8month old ds). Dont panic it's totally normal, just keep enjoying your new man! x


Thanks, it is good to know it will pass and I'm not the only one. I have very long hair, so it probably seems worse than it is.

All the best for you and your little man! Xxx


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