13+5 and still really poorly :(

Hi just wondering if anyone has any advice?!

Im almost 14 weeks, 2nd pregnancy & this 'morning' sickness is the worst yet. Its more severe headaches that make me nauseas..and then I vomit.

Paracetomol/Cocodamol doesnt touch it..Ive been prescribed cyclizine for sickness, only took it for 2 days and vomiting has subsided but headaches still bad :(

My blood pressures absolutally fine... Any advice appreciated. Thanks xx


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11 Replies

  • I Had severe migraines a few weeks back for a week don't know why the drs said it can be hormonal, so u may have to wait till ur hormones change tilu get some Relief, not the answer u at looking for but also try not get stressed and sit with ur curtains/blinds pulled and no bright lights.. do u get any other symptoms? Not Nice I hope they ease for u soon x

  • I think im just expecting all this sickness to be over with, it was by 12 weeks with my 1st. We'll see :/

    Other than the headaches / vomiting and feeling exhausted.. No other symptoms lol :( xx

  • If cocodamol not helping maybe don't take as they can have the opp effect and prolong headaches. Other than that not really got advice except hope you feel better soon. Maybe lie in a darkened room to help with the sore head, but might not help x

  • Ive stopped all medicitation other than the cyclizine cos it wasnt working at all :( suppose I'll just have to wait and hope its not for the remaining 26 weeks lol xx

  • my sickness was awful till about 16 weeks and went away for about 8 weeks and its been back ever since and I am 1 day over due, you could be getting bad headaches as ur eyes can change during pregnancy causing the headaches, I went to go and get my eyes tested early on in preg and optician told me this which I wasn't aware of. I often had an ice pack on my head to get rid of my headaches, hope u feel btr x

  • Hi thanks for your reply! My grandma said the same thing about getting my eyes checked so going to do that this week!

    Im now trying low dose codeine but other than feeling 'more' tired Im still as headachey & sick.

    I hear this can happen for the entire pregnancy ;( please no! Xxx

  • You poor thing! I've only had mild headaches, but have been really sick. It has only eased a bit in the last 10 days or so and I thought it was finally gone (I'm 21 weeks now) but no, I was up again at 5am this morning, being sick! It seems everyone is different. If you're suffering that much though, is it worth going to talk to your GP again?

  • Hey :) Thanks for your reply! Ive been to docs this morn and she prescribed low dose codeine & advised to continue with the clyclizine...im sitting here 6 hours later heads throbbing and feeling very sick & sorry for myself.., got th school run in 10 mins.

    I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it! Ha.

    Hope u feel better soon too. Do you know what your having? Xx

  • I had severe morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, but medications can help. My doctor put me on diclectin, as I lost so much weight and as long as I took the pills I was okay. If I forgot even one, I was sick. The day after my boys were born, I was fine. I know it sucks, but it is worth it! peerdiagnosis.com/lump-behi...

  • Aww thanks Jane. I know it will be but its so hard to enjoy being pregnant when u feel so crap! I'll see how I go with this cyclizine & codeine, never vomited yesterdY YEEY!


  • Just a thought, if you are being sick you might be getting dehydrated. That alone can lead to hideous headaches. Try drinking lots of fluids, sip slowly, and keep doing it even if you throw up, in fact especially if you throw it up! That way perhaps you can try and keep up with fluid loss. Dioralyte might help too.

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