Any ideas of what to do to kickstart labour?

Hey everyone, so 38 weeks 5 days and feeling really big, uncomfortable and tired. Really want her to come soon, any one got any ideas on how to kick start labour? I have tried several hot curries, and even sex (sorry if TMI lol), I have got a exercise ball and a large pineapple to try tonight. I don't know if any of these things have worked for anyone else? or if theres anything else I can try, I'm open to ideas! I'm really impatient and just want her here now lol!

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  • I am a day overdue and trust me have tried all the above but I am now resigned to the fact that he will come when ready. I am mega uncomfy too and I am an impatient moo at the mo too, am being induced in 10 days if he doesn't arrive before then but I have an inkling it will be sometime this week. I was going to go on a long walk today but it started raining so I scrapped tht idea but thts meant to be good :) gd luck x

  • I can't even imagine how impatient I would be getting if I was overdue, I still have a week to go and I'm climbing the walls already lol! I hope you go soon, good luck! x

  • I just keep being told sex is the best thing...not sure my hips could take any of that business tho, lol. I'm 38+2 so not far behind you. Another forum site was discussing acupressure massage, but again, not sure if anything actually works. I think these babies just like to keep us waiting :)

  • Go for a foot massage and get them to massage the ankles but to be honest I think it's a change in hormones that is the only thing that gets baby on its way....I feel like you I've reached my end but still got 6 weeks 5 days and 3hours and 20 mins to go! ;)

  • I dont wanna scare u or anything but im sure this forum is / has slowly turned into the "overdue expectant mothers" forum or something LOL :-) !

    ive personally come to the fact that these baby's will honestly come when they're ready now as ive honestly heard every method in the book here :-)

    I was honestly hoping that this being my 2nd pregnancy she wont delay the delivery process this time around ( but now im not so sure :-) :-) )

  • Babies have their own timing and will arrive when good and ready, too much fiddling around only serves to make a stubborn child and a difficult birth experience!! Concentrate on the pastimes which you enjoy while you can, after all what were talking about is days and hours not months and years and then its all change :)

  • thanks girls, think I have to resign myself to the fact she is not coming anytime soon, so will just have to patiently wait. I have tried everything there possibly is to try and nothing seems to work so will just have to be patient and play the waiting game now :) xx

  • Not sure if you will have tried this but stimulating your breasts either by hand or with a breast pump will release small amounts of oxytocin which is the natural form of the syntocin they give you to induce labour. A friend of mine used a breast pump for half an hour and within the hour her waters had gone and contractions were regular......also know others that have tried this and has had no effect. I really think these babies come when they are ready but another thing you could consider if you get desperate(and oh do I remember that feeling) Good luck xxxx

  • A friend of mine swears by a very long walk although u may not feel up to it x x

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