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So tired, sore and fed up :(

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Sorry, my turn for a moan.... People have asked for the last few weeks "oh, I bet you're uncomfortable now?" and I've been able to tell them I've been pretty good - apart from the SPD.

Well, since yesterday uncomfortable, sore, suddenly full of cold, headache, emotional and exhausted - a beautiful combination! OH and I have been sleeping in separate beds a few nights a week in the hope that we get better sleep. He gets to sleep, I'm still tossing & turning (or trying to), up for the loo, wake up with hip pain (only ever on the one side). I think its all caught up with me and today am just feeling rotten. I've sent him to play on his xbox while I lay on the sofa with the hope of a snooze - no joy. Think I'll be moving to the bed with some paracetamol & DVD's soon.

I seem to have developed a stinking cold since yesterday and feel like I have no energy at all. My dog is by my side (or on my bump) all the time and being ultra protective - which is pretty cute considering he's such a small, funny looking thing!

We had the midwife visit this morning and at 38+2 all is ok - baby is now 3/5 engaged and she doesn't need to see us again until he's here and just one more growth scan in 10 days (hopefully he won't keep us waiting too long tho!!

Right, enough complaining from me now - I am going to find something light hearted to watch whilst I feel sorry for myself. At least its the weekend and the OH can run around after me - he's getting quite good at it now! Even had him hoovering yesterday ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) x

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I feel ur pain, I ache so much, my hips and my inner thighs, I am really tired but sleeping is so uncomfy although last night I slept right through from 10-7 which is quite unusual. sometimes when ur lacking in energy you can get colds etc, yesterday I had a day where I felt like death, threw up loads when there wasn't much to throw up and slept during the day twice and all I wanted to do is cry, I have come to the fact that between now and the 18th (when I will be induced if hes not here as dd was yesterday) I will have days like tht. Have a nice warm bath and put some comfy pjs on and if it was me I would watch a Disney film but i know they r not everyones cup of tea. hope u feel btr soon xx

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Thanks Ceribean, I feel like I've done a huge gym work out most days but this weekend is just pants! I feel like if I could actually get some decent sleep I'd feel much better.

I was going to go for Disney films but I've been watching sky movies Disney for weeks - might try a bit of Johnny Depp to cheer me up ;) I've got my giant (incredibly attractive) body length tubigrip on to help, and propped on all the pillows possible - paracetamol and bath to follow.

Doesn't sound like you're having a good time either. I hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too much longer! Look forward to hearing about your imminent arrival! X

Ooh the lovely tubigrip, they are so in right now lol. Hate mine but its much better than the maternity belt. Hope johnny depp cheers you up. If he can't you're really in trouble lol. I send my OH to play on ps3 when want peace. Hopefully not to much longer now. Lack of sleep awful, Found that if took painkillers about an hour before bed tme can sometimes help get some extra sleep, but not always x

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The tubigrip is actually better than I thought it would be - I haven't had it long tho but will definitely be wearing it much more! It's made even sexier by having to get the OH to help me into it..... It's not helping my 'lets try and get this baby out' chats ;) He is enjoying the extra Xbox time tho, especially as his 'Xbox room' is now the babies room. I'll try the pain killers before bed tip and see if that gives any extra relief. Thanks x

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I was surprised how much the tubigrip helps. I know, I'm a few weeks behind you, and the 'get the baby out' talk is already ruined before we get there :D mind even when we do get there way am at mo not sure would be up to it. I think being hit by a truck might be a bit less tiring just now, but wouldn't be nearly so worth while. And is an excuse to watch as much Disney as you want. Watched lady and the tramp at 6am the other morn, better than all the early morning tv :) x

I kno it feels as tho I have been on a 20 mile walk which is far from the truth lol. I am currently watching pocahontas that I recorded and with this crap weather its nice to snuggle and watch it. I hav gd days and bad is a gd one...thank u and same to u. X

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Ooh Pocahontas! Definitely Disney tomorrow! Glad it's a good day. Hopefully more good than bad :) x

Sometimes all that it takes me for me to tear up is hear some a familiar song (doesn't even have to be sad!) and I'm crying rivers for no reason at all. But yeah, get a blanket, a good movie (Little Miss Sunshine gets me everytime) and some hot coco and you should be good. Have a great day!

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Thanks Jane, today is the same emotion wise. OH called me to see if I was ok and I just cried down the phone for no reason lol. Hopefully, the duvet & DVD's do the trick today :) x

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