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Do I need to see my GP before 8 weeks?

Hello! I found out I was pregnant last week so phoned my GP as all the advice seemed to suggest. When I phoned to book an appointment, they said that I only needed to see the GP to confirm my pregnancy, and I should get in touch when I am approaching 8 weeks. Is this right, or should I be more insistent about an appointment? Thanks

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. :-)

I went to gp around 5 wks. Pretty pointless appt as they just take your word for it and work out an estimated due date based on the first day of my last period but then at least you can book your 'booking appointment' with your midwife at your GP surgery. Which should be at 8-10wks. From that appt your midwife will book 12wk scan.

But some GP surgeries just book the midwife appt instead

I hope that helps xx


I only went because I thought u had too but It was a waste of time and she only gave me a rough EDD based on the dates of my last period, if u need to refer urself u need to do tht for an appointment around 9 weeks or if they book it for u then wait until then but u don't need to go as if u tell them ur pregnant they just take ur word they don't confirm it as all mine did was give me a date and tht was tht. x


I don't think I even got a date from the GP! Was just told to book an appointment with the midwife at around 9-10 weeks. So no, I don't think you need to book an appointment with the GP. Congratulations! x


Thank you everyone, very much!


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