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Clothing for my sleeping baby in autumn/winter

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James is just over three months now and has been sleeping through the night for a while. But he wakes up when he's too cold. I've just started putting him in his cot (still in our room) because he's out grown his Moses basket, and I'm concerned he's getting too cold with all the extra bed space around him. He's woke up twice tonight which isn't like him, and he hasn't been very interested in eating, he just falls back asleep on my breast.

I've put him in a t-shirt vest and then long footed onesie. He sleeps with a double layer of fleece blanket and then a cotton blanket on top. As the health visitor suggested, i tuck the blankets under his arms so they are left out. When he woke in the night his chest was warm enough but still a little cool. But his arms and hands were freezing. I live in a very old house and it can get quite cold on a night. Even over this scorching summer we've had it's never been an uncomfortable temperature indoors.

I was going to get him a grobag but they all seem to be sleeveless. Has anyone got any recommendations on how to keep his poor little arms warmer? Thanks for any help ladies. X

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U could put him in another fleecy sleep suit. .. I've seen some in next and I always put my boys in them u would have to count it as a layer...I always use a sheet and 2 blankets one being cellular and the other whatever. ..u can get the long sleeve vests. .. then sleepsuit them fleecy sleep suit then a grobag and a cellular blanket over the top on colder nights x

We use grobags, which are brilliant - also means they stay toastie when you take them out to feed, so you're not putting them down in a cold cot after. The temp of my LOs hands freaked me out (like ice), but my mum and our HV said babies hands are always freezing (when we're not in a heat wave!) so I'm less arrest about that now!

Just be careful not to over heat your little one and ensure blankets remain loose xx

I need to get some grobags, wasn't sure about weither should be 1 or 2.5tog as its so hot at the mo but you just don't know when autumn might come? :-~

Haha! We got ours from TKMaxx to keep the cost down! He has 2 x 1 tog Grobags, 1 x 1.5 tog bag by TU (Sainsbury's), 2 x 2 tog bags by Stokke (given to us second hand), 1 x 2.5 tog kiddicare bag and 2 x 2.5 tog Grobags!

It's worth having 2 or 3 x 2.5 tog bags for winter - that way, there's a spare for 'accidents'!

I'm always surprised at how 'warm' a room is compared to how it feels! I'm sat in bed, cuddling my LO after a feed, feeling cold! He's toastie, and the GroEgg says it's 22.1 deg C, and his monitor agrees!! Brrrrrrr!! ;-p

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Ikea do grobags at reasonable prices.....they can be so expensive! I've luckily been given a couple to start with :)

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Their new ones are quite sweet too...

TKMaxx charge £12.99 - £14.99 for 'GroBags', and less for 'sleeping bags' x

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Really, Ikea never even crossed my mind.

I find the best prices for these"grobags" are in the supermarkets these days.


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Keep an eye out on sales too - LOs TU bag was £12 down to £6 in sale, then a further 25% off over the bank hol weekend = £4.50!! Bargain!

eBay is also good x

Thanks ladies. I've had a quick look round supermarkets today and I couldn't see any sleeping bags or fleecy suits out on display, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places or they just haven't got them out yet. Either way I'm going to keep my eyes peeled. I think I'll look into TKMaxx and Ikea though too for sleeping bags, I'd have never thought of them.

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They have some in the next catalogue u can look online but go into store and order it u don't have to get the catalogue but if u go online... go to boys and sleepsuits and it's the navy fleece sleep suit, I used to put the boys in them when I put them in the car seat as I found the all in ones too bulky and I got the next sizes up well worth the £8 x

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I was about to suggest the same :)

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As u mentioned your house is quite old you could try buying a few of those "fleece lined" sleepsuits.

I m going to have the same problem once my Lil'-one arrives in November as my house was built ( most likley in the 60's -70's) era so its got high ceilings.

Its quite nice in the summer but a bit of a nightmare when wanting to change a lightbulb & when the winter arrives it can take a bit of a while to warm up properly.

I've got one of those "gro-bags" from Asda & i'll be buying 1 more as babies may/ can have messy times involving leaky nappies & things.


...the other thing - look into free loft insulation! Our house is 1913 and was freezing last winter - it's amazing the difference getting proper insulation in the loft has had - makes me especial happy as the gas and electric come out of my account :-p

We had our loft insulation checked and it's practically new. But they were also offering free cavity wall insulation. Sadly my house was built sometime before 1819 (we have a picture of the house from then) and it's solid sandstone, not a cavity in sight. :-/ We can get some kind of external cladding insulation but it wont be until next year.

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I still wake up with cold arms and hands and I am 24 lol. Maybe another sleepsuit, Hopefully thats the hot weather over with as its now getting chilly at night which is lovely...I hav a few 2.5 tog ones and will see how we get on...I will let the grandparents buy the next lot at xmas for him lol. X

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Seen some well- nice fleccy onsies in Primark the other day too

I'll be going back there by next week as its only natural to want to treat yourself to a Lil' something hey :-)

We've got a selection of different tog Gro bags - they do them with sleeves too, although I've only seen them on their website - but definitely shop around. Like most of you, we got some fantastic bargains - especially in the supermarket baby events. My midwife also gave me some information on what tog ratings and babies, including what different blankets and baby grows are so we have a better idea of how much to put on :)

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GroBag also have a really helpful guide on their website x

Gro bag do special sleep suits with thicker arms to wear with their sleeping bags - I can't remember how much they are (probably a fortune!) but I thought they were a good idea.

Baby hands are always freezing, my son was born in January and I used to freak when I felt his little icy fingers but apparently so long as their chests feel warm it's normal... It just goes against everything we want to do as mums!

Congrats on getting him through the night by 3 months by the way, I'm hoping my second will be one if these mythical sleeping babies! ;-) x

I think I'll invest in some of those thick sleeved suits. I was just so shocked by how cold his arms were! His Moses basket was starting to look like a baby coffin for him (he's 98th centile for length so is really big for his age) so I dragged his cot into our room and I think it's because he doesn't have the sides built up so close around him that he must be getting colder, I wanted to drag him into bed with me but my partner tosses and turns a lot so thought better of it. I think sleeping through is going to disappear soon though because we're starting on teething any everyone's told me it'll disrupt his sleep :-(

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I remember a midwife / health vistor telling me that a baby's "core body temperature" can be determined & felt by their neck & chest.

So if those areas feel toasty & warm the baby is most likley to also be a very happy, toasty & warm Lil' thing. :-)

I'm interested in this free loft insulation, we've only been here a month and the loft needs insulation & boarding. Where can I look into this please? X

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Hi hun

It all depends on the type of property you live in "I.E private or local council rented" but do a google search on your laptop or P.C when you've got time as im not sure of any company names or anything like that.


I'd love to help but I actually don't know where it comes from! My in laws bought this house for us, we're in the process of setting up a mortgage to buy it from them, but until then, they have to sort this kind of thing because technically they're the owners. I'll ask and see if they can get me the details. X

It's a government scheme through the big energy companies - think we went through EDF x

Ours was done in January IIRC x

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