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I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago, last couple of day have been having headaches, nausea and dizziness and have had a positive test

Also having real aversions to food smells. Bleeding only lasted a week but was some big clots in it. Not due to see GP for another week. I cannot believe with the size of the clots I am still pregnant but Miscarried at 10 1/2 weeks, it this normal???

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How was your miscarriage confirmed? It's not unusual for a pregnancy test to remain positive for up to a month after a miscarriage. If there is no doubt you had a miscarriage, then a positive test at this point sadly does not mean anything.

When you see your GP have an open and frank conversation about how you feel, and a sensible plan for when you feel ready to try again. Xxx


With a phone call to the midwife where I got a if the bleeding or pain is unbearable go to A&E, if not see your gp in a month. have to say not helpful. have had a negative test since then. But now had 2 positives.

I am diabetic so put the other symptoms down to that but my BM's are absolutely fine.

I am sure it is probably just hormonal but just with the other symptoms just a twinge of hope xxx


i think u need to see the EPAU and have either a scan or bloods done. Just to confirm that all is ok down there. When I miscarried in March, I was only 5/6weeks and the gp referred me straight to the unit for emergency scan and as that was inconclusive, they did blood tests to check for hormone levels and to measure the difference in them 1 week apart. That confirmed the miscarriage.

With this pregnancy, I bled at 8 weeks and was certain it was a second miscarriage, i was distraught. Went to a&e and was admitted to EPAU for emergency scan. Ended up all i had was a haemorrhage in my uterus below the sac containing the baby and all was fine. I'm now 19wks + 4 and due my midway scan on Thursday.

Please go get checked out in person. Just to be sure xx


Will go to surgery Monday, the system of contacting midwifes is not great down here and follow up care seems even worse.


i feel for ya, our midwives here are only available mon - fri 9am til 9:30am. tis a joke. Sometimes I think u need to scream at every ear possible to get what u want/need. good luck hun xx