Ah quiet

Just lying on the sofa has never felt so good : ) Penny is just over 6 months now, eats three tiny meals a day and is almost crawling! Lucky for me she is an angel, never cries, always smiling! But the demand it brings now is getting a little overwhelming. I look forward to her naps so I can sit down but theres always something to tidy or soak! Arrrghhhhh! This 15 minutes to myself has been so nice I had to share the moment : )

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  • Ah-yes,

    Know the feeling all too well, unfortunately she bound to only get more demanding as she grows. The best thing I could say to look forward to is when she'll become a Lil more dependant & actually enjoy playing with her toys a Lil' longer which gives you a bit more freedom ( but still not much)


  • Nooo aha! I kept saying I can't wait until she's 1/2 and she can do some things herself but to be totally honest I love having a little soul need and depend on me, it just gives absolute meaning to your life don't you think! ( my first baby, can you tell ) x

  • I cant wait for that moment lol.my little princess is 3weeks old today and she rules the house!as soon as i put her in the crib she cries.i know newborn babies love to feel warm skin and heart beat so i guess thats why she always falls a sleep on me or her daddy.i just hope that will change so i can get on with housework etc. cos right now i'm behind with everything .enjoy your little break xx

  • Thankyou. Aww mine does that now! I make a game out of it and hide behind the door, show my face and hide again. It's like cry, laugh, cry, laugh. It doesn't help her sleep but it stop her crying at least. As soon as she can hold, shake and bang things you can just pop her in her bed and do the odd job! X

  • Lol quiet time with children! It actually exists?? Wow lol xx

  • I must really be crazy. My two girls are reaching near independence in their teens and I'm just getting my quiet time back and I go and get pregnant all over again! Stickler for punishment. However I guess having two live-in babysitters may prove useful :-)

  • Wow, thats quite a gap

    well as you said the plus side is you've got 2 semi- automatic babysitters there


  • Yes a 14 year gap is quite daunting! Ten years ago we were told we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally but kept on trying as we both really wanted for this to happen. Our perseverance finally paid off and here we are awaiting the arrival of number 3 in a few weeks :-) Big sisters are getting so excited as well :-)

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