33weeks feeling like crap!

I'm 33weeks today and I'm feeling really Ill, I'm having on/off (mostly on) sickening back ache in my lower back, I feel like I'm about to be sick, and ive got stomach pains, cramp like pains but not contractions, they're not regular, and I have loose bowels. And the odd stabbing pain in my cervix, is this just normal pregnancy symptoms or am I close to finally having him? I don't think I can take this much longer.

Thankyou in advance for any advice! X

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Im 33 weeks today and I woke up feeling like I've had enough!!! So know how u feel!!! Sorry Haven't got any advice :(



Im 31 wks with my 2nd pregnancy & ive started to experience some pretty cr@p days now too.

I wake up feeling almost a bit dizzy & sick but is never physically sick.

I think its a normal thing to feel during these last few weeks i am starting to think of it as prepearation for the sleepless nights & demanding chores to come.


Yep it doesn't stop I am due tomorrow but hav been feeling like tht for a while...been having these things for sometime the only thing I want to eat is dairy which usually isnt great when feeling crap. I kno its hard but u do just need to chill out. ..drink alot. ..if u need to sleep then do...hope u feel btr soon. X


Wow Ceribean

You're due date of delivery is tomorrow already.

Lets hope he dosent delay as much as dear "fattyboom's" Lil one



Yeh me too...I hav a date for being induced if he doesn't come so if hes not here by 18th he will b evicted lol x



Can't wait, keep us posted & good luck!



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