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18 weeks now and no sign of bump, but can feel baby kicking all the time now so amazing!

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Hello ladies. I'm 18weeks now and I still have no sign of a bump! I've even lost weight now which is even more shocking? I've been eating well and often but no growth yet. However, I can feel my baby kicking all the time and strong kicks too, and scans show that the baby is absolutely healthy and normal. It's very weird an amazing! Can't believe there's a real person inside me! X

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Some people show sooner than others. I started getting kicks around this time too, it is such an amazing feeling, Im 33 weeks and still fascinated with my bump movements. As long as baby is healthy and happy :) i started showing before 12 weeks, was prob mainly bloating but it never went smaller. It meant changing my whole wardrobe early on which was kind of annoying. Rest assured, u will have a bump to show off soon enough! Will u be finding out what u are having? Or are u keeping it a surprise?

Don't worry! I was exactly the same! Felt movements from 16 weeks which can be unusual for 1st baby! I didn't get a bump till I was about 24 weeks, just looked a tiny bit bloated!! I even ordered my wedding dress at 20 weeks! She measured me and I came out at a size 4! Still had a happy healthy baby! Great sign scans are showing good growth! Just keep eating healthy as you are and you will both be fine!! X

hi, I was the exact same I didn't really start to show till about 28 weeks! I think we are the lucky ones because you start to get a bit uncomfortable when you have a big bump (trust me Im 38 weeks now and wish I had my small bump again haha)! As long as you are getting movement everything will be fine so don't worry - just think it will save u money on buying maternity clothes for a wee while hehe! xxxx

I didn't get a bump till about 25 weeks ish and didn't even feel movement till 20 weeks, I lost a lot of weight early pregnancy due to sickness which is still on going, I only bought 5 maternity tops as I didn't need any extra clothes really, I am due tomorrow and now feel like a hippo so make the most of it coz when ur huge and waddling around u will be thinking I wish I was small again lol. x

This is my first baby and all I can say is that it's absolutely overwhelmingly amazing that there is an actual real life baby growing inside me. I can't even explain the feeling but every time I feel a kick I just feel so lucky and happy and emotional! It just blows me away. I'm already so in love with this baby and I just can't wait to give birth cos I can hold my baby in my arms! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I'm so happy X

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