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Feels like the baby is moving right over in my left side, sounds silly but is that possible??

Hi all. Sorry probably a silly question but I am 17+5 and this is my first, thinking over the last week that I have started to feel the baby move, kind of a fluttering popping feeling and happening a few times a day, different to at the start. Currently I can feel it quite strongly over to the left, but it's almost my side, does this sound like it is the baby moving or is it still likely to be gas?

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Sounds normal. In 38 weeks and always felt baby most far round my right hand side. Midwife has told me that is where the baby's limbs are so makes sense. However sometimes feels like it is so far round the side it's virtually in my back! But everything healthy and midwife thinks all normal! X


Great, thank you :) Good luck with your labour, hopefully it won't be too long for you now! x


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