20 week scan all is good :-)


Anyone else due in January? I am 21+3 and I had my 20 week scan yesterday and it was so lovely to see baby again, although it was not posing for the sonographer, curled up and looking away, despite me moving and wiggling my bump! We didn't find out the sex, but the screen was moved away from my husband at one point just in case!

Feeling lots of kicks which is fantastic, such a strange feeling which I am still getting used to. I am talking to bump when at home much to my husbands bemusement...


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Yes, me! I'm due on 18th January. Had our 20 week scan on Tuesday, which was wonderful. Just feeling my first kicks now (I think!) I'm sure I'll get my fill of kicks later on, as in both scans he's been a right little wriggler!

January still feels a long way away. Want to meet my little one! (Yes, I know, I'm a very impatient person) :o)



I'm due 29th Jan and have my 20week scan next thurs, so excited! I dont wanna know the sex at the scan but have really big feelings that I'm carrying a boy, almost like instinct. Weird really!

congrats on the scan and the kicks are certainly amazing :) xx


We seem to have a bit in common, as I am due 29th Jan and my husband says its a boy. Wish you luck on your scan


Nice to hear from you all, I am due 13th January and I can't wait either! I have a feeling its a boy too, weird. I even called the baby 'he' one day to my surprise! Anyone going to antenatal classes? I m hoping to get booked in to nhs ones, although I have read mixed reviews on here.


Yes, I'll be going to antenatal classes. Think they vary depending on the person taking them, so it's a bit of luck whether you get a good one. I want loads and loads of information, that's just the way I am!

Had a bit of an emotional meltdown last night, worrying that something will go wrong. Just out of the blue - my poor husband didn't know what to do! Think I was over-tired. Feel a bit brighter today, but we'll see how the day goes - gosh it's a roller-coaster this pregnancy business, isn't it?!


It is very emotional! I have been watching 'the midwifes' on tv and it has me choked up every time the baby arrives, imagining what it will feel like when mine is here!


I'm due 8th January and I'm having a girl! So exciting! :)


I'm due 1st jan with a little girl. January seems so far away but I'm hoping will start going quicker as Christmas will soon be approaching and xfactor is now back on haha.


I'm sure it will go quickly, I haven't bought any baby stuff yet, so I'm guessing once I start shopping it will go quickly! Plus I am a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in November so once that comes around it won't be long! Anyone know where to get a nice formal bridemaidy maternity dress?! And I want a cheapish maternity cardigan?!


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