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'The Midwives'

So i have tried staying away from all the birth documentaries like 'one born every miniute', but tonight i watched the midwives. it had just started as i was flicking through the channels and thought "why the hell not!" I tried avoiding these types of shows in the past as i thought it might scare me and panic me. I only watched 'we're having a baby' which was on BBC3 when i was 8 weeks. Watched that with my Gran. Now Im 33 weeks (today :D) and even though i watched these labors that didnt quite go to plan, it didnt scare me.

Since i have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week, i was quite interested in one womans story, although she was 22 years older than me, and conceived through fertility treatment, she was diagnosed later on in her pregnancy too (i also think she was further along than me). The decision was made to deliver her baby 2 weeks early via c section, which is a thought ive had to come to terms with in my pregnancy before finding out about my gestational diabetes, as at my 20 week scan, my placenta was laying low. My placenta corrected itself as i found out last friday at a check up scan, but thats when it was discovered baby had a large abdominal circumference. So i was tested on monday and hey presto, GD it is.

Anyways, enough of that. After watching this lady go through it, I just thought how amazing it all is. If i have to have a c section, so be it. What ever is best to bring baby into this world. I rather enjoyed watching the whole show even if i was crying what seemed like every 2 mins. It was happy tears for the women finally getting to meet their little ones. Its amazing what our bodies can do! Birth really is a miracle, whether they are brought into this world vaginally or via c section.

Anyways, its rather late, and im feeling sleepy! good night lovely ladies, hope all is well x

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Your right hun its amazing what our bodies are built to do! Sounds like you got a great outlook on everything xxx


Hey, I watch all the shows and cry at every birth as it makes me more excited to have that moment myself.

I go through stages of fear then excitement which I guess is perfectly normal for everyone, the fear of the unknown and the best you can hope for is that mother and baby both get through it safely, I am 39+2 so not long for me and an induction booked on 11 so I hope things start to move on of their own accord. I might decide yet against induction as I am not thrilled about this at all :( Xx


Depending on how my gestational diabetes go, and how little one develops from now, i might be induced early or given a c section, this will all be discussed in the next 3 weeks tho. I know what u mean about the fear and excitement, its like Im nervous of the unknown. But we all go through the same emotions im sure. Oh not long for you at all! Hope ur body/baby does what u want them to do! And good luck x :) take it all as it comes! x


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