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Needed a break... Oh and its a girl!

Hi ladies,

Havent been on here for a while, felt like i needed a break for a bit as me and the other half werrle at loggerheads. Got to the point where we arguing everyday. Anywhu to cut a long story short, we're on a 'break' as we thought we needed to spend some time away from each other in order fpr things not to get worse. We havent offically broke up, we want whats best for baby.

Speaking of baby, today we found out we're having a baby girl :) the other half wanted a boy, but is happy hes got a child to call his own regardless of what the sex is.cant wait untill the lil one arrives, hurry up january!


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Aw congratulations on your bubba girl :D


Hi hun great news on baby pink! Xx


Congrats on joining team pink!


Congrats on a girl, great news and glad she is growing well. Not too long to go now x


Thanks girls! So happy we cant wait :)


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