Feeling good! :)

So finished my last of my oral steroids and they have made me feel fantastic wish I could stay on them! I decided to have a trim in the lady garden dept and I used a beard trimmer and considering I couldn't see I done a pretty good job ;) the only thing was walking the kids to school which really aggravated my spd so pigeon steps there...luckily a mum gave me a lift home! But I'm raring to go, got the hospital bag packed for baby but have realised I really haven't got that much for him in sleep suits but hey ho I'll worry about that after....I'm so not sure how big this little one will be so dont want to buy too small or too big.... Clearing out my bedroom needs to be done! But the sun is shining and I'm feeling good at last :) :)

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Well I feel like shit on a stick!! My joints all hurt today as sleeping on my sides is killing my pelvis now!! However, aside from feeling worry for myself, I am genuinely pleased to read you are feeling good after all your dramas :D Makes me happy to see others having good times :D x


Oh bless ya this baby needs to come out! I'm sure ill be feeling the same in a few weeks or when these tablets wear off lol x


Haha! Oh hope not! Feel good for the both of us!! I've given up lol x


so glad your feeling better, you deserve it you've had a bit of a rough time recently yet you are always still there to pass on your words of wisdom to everyone else

x x x

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Fattyboom !! Shit on a stick I actually laughed out rather loud at this and I'm in the office not supposed to be on my phone lol, totally agree ;) xxx


Haha! Oh don't get into trouble :D x


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