I need answers!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, I'm new here but I need some answers. Me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant but with no luck in the last 9months ... I am not on any birth control and have never been. I have been getting a weird period the last 9 months and last month I got very strange white stuff coming out just just before my period it didn't have any smell to it it just came out. My boobs have been sore the whole of last month and I still have sore breasts not that much but its still sore. My nipples are very very dark and I took a hpt which is negative. I have been feeling dizzy and getting funny tastes in my mouth. Why am I getting these symptoms? Am I pregnant or not?


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  • U can get all the symptoms of pregnancy before your period.... The thing to look for is when ur discharge changes like egg white that's when ur more likely to conceive...have you tried the ovulation kits...look online as they are cheaper and start taking some preconception vitamins like pregnacare ur oh can take the men's version as well and the most important not to stress and enjoy I know it's easy to say.....the other thing is u can tell ur g.p u have been trying for a year and they will do some checks like ur bloods to make sure ur ovulating then I think they check your oh sperm count. Good luck :)

  • it took me 11/12 months to get pregnant, some women take few weeks. I understand ur frustration....when did u do ur preg test, if it wasn't recently maybe do another one and see? as silly as it sounds u just need to go with the flow, I got so wound up worrying tht I cudnt get pregnant and it started to rule my life and decided to go on holiday and had a few drinks and it happened there as was so relaxed and care free. do a test, first wee of the day and go from there. x

  • You very well could be. My initial symptoms were dizziness and very sore boobs and although I had a period it was lighter than normal as mine are normally very heavy! When was ur last period? And when are u due ur next one?

  • My last period had to start on the 27th but it never dit it started on the 30th of august and it ended yesterday. The last 9 months my period starts very pinkiesh and then goes darker and then goed brown and then is over. I took a pregnancy test on the 29th of august. My next period should start round about the 26th of this month.

  • Oh and my nipples have been very very very dark the last few weeks ... There is no reason for it and thought I might be pregnant that's why I tested myself but it was negative. This morning I woke up with my nipples being even darker than it was the last few weeks.

  • Yh maybe do a test a week up until your next period due date. As said above do the first wee of the day (I didn't have to with mine but it's supposed to be more effective). U can get false negatives and some people's body's take a while to show a pregnancy. I would probs go docs after ur next period if ur still exhibiting symptoms (if home tests still come up negative) and explain to them and ask them to test you x

  • Go and see ur g.p they can do a blood test to check for the pregnancy hormones x

  • Hi

    Be positive. I have been trying to be pregnant 8 months. Finally iam now 8 weeks so do not be fed up keep trying. All the best.

  • If the discharge is more of an egg white than a translucent white then you're more likely to conceive. Also look into getting an ovulation kit. Hope that helps! peerdiagnosis.com/lump-behi...

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