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Morning all..sorry this isnt the most exciting of posts. .am 39+4 and to say I am tired and fed up is an understatement. ..also a bit teary today which isnt really me. After spending 4 hours yesterday afternoon at the hospital again because of my blood pressure being too high..being monitored and having bloods taken....becoming a weekly thing.. I see the midwife at my local gp surgery and for the last 3 weeks it's been high although I make sure am chilled out b4 I go...I believe I now just associate the drs with high bp and no matter how relaxed I am its high (128/100) so off I go to the hosp for my weekly trip where it goes down to 120/70 all the time...everything else is fine. protein in my urine or anything and last night was just mentally draining as trying to explain tht I must just worry subconsciously about my bp being high wasnt happening to a dr tht could barely string a sentence together which frustrated me even more. I almost just wish they wud say look ur cooked u may aswell stay cz its quite a trek every week to b told ur bp is ok now u can go home. ..I really want to meet my little man so much and it cant happen sooner in my eyes. I kno the professionals r looking after me as high bp in pregnancy is not gd but I am just drained and every little thing tht didnt bother me is...such as how little I can boyfriend suggested we go out for a curry on sat which normally I wud b excited about but I was like what's the point as I will hav 2 mouthfuls and then get home and throw it up...its just frustrating.

Ok think thts my downer over.


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  • Hang in there Ceribean, not long to go now ;)

    I can totally understand your frustration, I had a few teary days just from worrying and doctors appts- and people didn't understand why I cried or worried.

    You'll be fine, and will soon meet your baby. x

  • thank u, I know meeting this little man out ways every rubbish thing but until it happens I cant stop thinking of the rubbish things and its just not like me. I know it annoys me even more when I cant explain to people why I am crying as I hate doing it, I just had a good cry with my cat who probli thinks I am nuts but I can just ramble on and all he does is look at me lol. x

  • You have every right to feel like this!! I think everyone on here would feel the same in your position! Can you push for an induction? You are so close now! Say the BP problems are making you anxious which in turn will be affecting your BP itself! And also the stress and length of the journey too and from hospital isn't practical and again, making your situation even worse! Xx

  • I suppose they're being cautious. They did that to me for a few weeks but cause mine was low. Now they just keep an eye at surgery rather than sending me to the hosp all time, but low bp is less of a risk and I've still a few weeks of cooking to go. The cat will understand, they're very good listeners :) . Hopefully your little man will be here soon and everything will be fine. thank goodness for this site where we can let out all our frustration x

  • Ah frustratin for you but not long to go! Feel better and hope everything goes smoothly over the next few weeks x

  • Absolutely fair enough to feel how you feel. The very end can be ridiculously frustrating at the best of times without any extra complications!! Not long now.....we are all here for you and any rants u need to have!! Then so soon bubba will be in ur arms :D x

  • I have to go bk to hospital tomoro just to check my bp again so I am going to push for a possible induction coz as u say rach Its stressing me out and its draining me. I know its not long...although not sure how long lol but I hope its soon, I am fine now, I think I just needed a good cry lol. my bp was relatively highish when I booked it was 130/88 but its been creeping up last few weeks but my midwife was impressed tht although its been consistently high (which runs in my family) it hasn't gone through the roof and shes surprised I have made it this far without being referred to hosp earlier than 36 weeks. thanks ladies, just needed a vent but am ok now, :) xx

  • Hang in there, I had my little boy at 39+4 so today could be the day! As soon as he's born all of these worries and niggles will just disappear. I'm glad they're being cautious about your BP but understand its a pain in the arse ;-) nothing wrong with a good cry either! Not long now x

  • Crying sometimes is the best medicine!! I'd really push for an induction, just lay it on thick about how you are feeling! It's not like you've got long to go so baby is at risk!! Even if they don't induce you now, they may agree to do it on your dd so you know you won't go over and potentially have to go another 2 weeks!! Xx

  • Ah bless ya can't u ask them for a sweep or something must be frustrating up and down there in ur last week when u should be chilling at home! Hope things get going for u ASAP! Come on baby time to come out! X

  • Hang in there, hopefully not long now. Totally understandable given what you have been dealing with. Once baby is here it will all be worth it x

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