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Emotional wreck- so scared something will go wrong in next two months!

Hello ladies :) I've been a bit of an emotional wreck tonight :( I'm 27 weeks pregnant and for some strange reason just can not stop crying tonight due to worry and fear! I'm just so scared something is going to go wrong in the next two months. Every pain I get, I worry thinking is there something wrong?! I'm constantly worrying when he is not kicking me! Ah I just don't know what's wrong with me and I'm never usually like this! He is my first wee one and so everything is new to me. My pregnancy hasn't and still isn't the best and I really haven't been well and had to stop working at 22 weeks and was told not to go back by GP until little one is here. I'm just terrified something is going to go wrong and after having a miscarriage before it makes everything so much more scary :( anyone else felt like this and how did you move past it? X

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Think ur hormones can play a big part..I got to around the same time as u and felt like my emotions changed over night. .. I'm much more emotional now have cried lots and felt stressed. .. and also had the scary thoughts. ...I keep wanting a scan now as he is so active im so scared that he will get his cord wrapped round his neck. .. think I'm going to ask my consultant wheni see her next week and fingers crossed she'll say yes. .. but I also have to say to myself I have no control over anything that may happen so I'll have to deal with anything... horriblefeeling like it isn't it but ur not alone xx


It is completely normal to feel like this! I think I only just started to relax about a fortnight ago and I still worry if I go an hour or two without movement, and that is me at 38 weeks. I worried about every little pain and niggle too, it is completely normal. We are Mum's - worrying is what we do,a nd its not going to stop anytime soon. So just try and relax, whatever will be will be and worrying isn't going to help. A relaxed and chilled Mum makes a relaxed and content baby so try and stop worrying :) xx


I was exactly the same. Constantly worrying.well it wasnt easy pregnancy.i tried to distract myself from bad thoughts but it didnt work. I kept thinking all the time that something wrong will happen with me or baby.any little pain had me in tears.but we are mothers like hannahpaton said and thats what we do and will do when babies are here.when they showed me my daughter in the theatre i felt like all the emotional and physical pain has gone in that moment. I felt so relieved daughter is a baby not alien lol.everything has changed since she arrived.and all the pains,worrying were definitely worth it. Good luck with your pregnancy. Try not to worry too much.i wish i did as it spoils this wonderful time xx


It is normal but you just need to concentrate on positive things rather than dwelling on stuff that may go wrong and pick yourself up, it isn't good for you or the baby to stress about things. if any thing is going to happen then it is out of your hands anyway, all you can do for the meantime is keep happy & healthy for the sake of your baby.

I had the worst pregnancy ever with worry after a mc and then just as I got used to the fact I was pregnant and everything was going right for once my waters break early. Your only weeks away from seeing your little one now.


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