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Could this be the start?? 35+ wks any help or advice much appreciated

Today I'v been feeling really rubbish! haven't slept properly in 10 days & had sickness this am (not suffered with this at all until today)! Been seen by the dr and mw today! Have been put on steroids for my asthma and been told that baby is 3/5 firmly engaged and my cervix is soft and low but still closed! She said it was favourable????

Have also lost my mucus plug a few days ago!

Although this is baby no.3 (have also had 5 miscarriages) I've never gone into natural labour (1st induced at 39wks, 2nd induced at 38wks) so never really experienced any of the above and help or advice much appreciated xxx

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It sounds like labour could be starting hun :-) although these babies like to tease x just try and relax and get as much rest as poss (easier said than done with other children! Lol) xx good luck keep us posted xx


Will do thanks! Best finish sorting our bags out then just incase! X


Hehe exciting stuff :-) xx


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