a general moan in order that don't take it out on oh instead, so please feel free to ignore x

Think at last lack of sleep and pain finally got to me. today all the little things are aggravating. OH been off for two weeks so whilst I've been getting more crippled he's been able to help me out. today first day on own as he's back at work and suddenly finding very hard to cope!!!

didn't get off to best start. Didn't sleep much, was in agony so finally gave in and taking cocodamol as was told too rather than just on a night to help sleep. Burst into tears when OH said 'love you', which don't think he knew how to deal with. Had toast for breakfast as wasn't feeling great, threw it up. After finally managing the shower had a fight with my socks, just couldn't reach my flaming feet! that made me cry too. Can't reach the plug to put the tv on. Can't get washing out as can't do the stairs. Got stuck doing my exercises and had another horrendous crack sound coming from my back so now not only feeling super sick but in even more pain than I woke up in. SO AAAGH!!!! Told you, just general whine!!!! In desperate need of a more decent nights sleep :( x

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Sounds Like u need to go back to bed bless u! Not a good day at all :(


Hey. So sorry you're having such a bad day. I've been there too. It is the overwhelming tiredness and pain that just sends you over the edge.

At least you're at home. I had a complete melt down at work. It was a very busy clinic and the three consultants I work with are all men. I just sobed histerically for an hour. They had no idea what to do with me. Just kept bringing me tea!!!

Then Had to pull over on the A14 on my way home as couldn't stop crying.

In the end my husband, mum and dad kinda did an intervention of sorts as I just couldn't calm myself down.

It will get better and having a good cry helps release the tension.

My mum booked me in for a massage, see if you can find someone local as it was just what I needed. A bit of me time to try and relex.

I hope you feel better tomorrow xx Take care


:( sounds like a crap start to the day, sorry ur feeling like tht. maybe lay on sofa and try and get some sleep, I am finding the sofa more comfy than my bed right now, might make u feel btr, after yesterday I know it was lack of sleep tht made me feel terrible and people channel their frustrations through different emotions, crying isn't a bad thing, sometimes find a good cry helps. get a hot water bottle, lay down and nap x


Thanks all. Just need sleep I think. Usually find sofa more comfy but think reached the point where I'm to tired to sleep. Anyway tomorrow will be better, going to get a hot water bottle, put on some music, and sulk with myself for a while x


And a cream cake ;)


I know this might be controversial for some but even half a glass of wine might relax you and help you nod off for an hour or two


Dont worry babe

i had a simular day "last week" when just about everything pushed me over the edge. I was getting something that felt like pelvic muscle cramp ( or something) :-(

Thankfully ive got a 31wk G.P appointment tommrow so im going to take that opportunity to "pick at" his brain for just about everything :-)


Sorry you are feeling low. Can you text your OH to pick you up a favourite treat on the way home? Have a relaxing bath tonight. Perhaps you are trying to do too much? In the latter stages I used to bring a bag downstairs with me, with everything I need for the day and camp on the sofa. Try not to feel guilty, it sounds as though your OH understands, having taken time off to help you. Hope you feel better soon. Hopefully you haven't got long to go now the think of your beautiful baby x


thank you all. Really do think yesterday was just a low for me. And while I was feeling bad baby was hyper. Just switched everything off, put radio on and trundled my way through a bit of house work, with lots of sitting down. My OH came home with a rhubarb pie which he always knows cheers me up (even though couldn't eat it yest) and his brother called round with his puppy a few hours later. Pets always manage to make you smile don't they. He seemed to know how low was feeling, and rather than jumping up just sat and made little whining noises at me and rested his head on my knee (hoping it was just an aww hope you feeling better and not he knows something I don't). Still felt terrible but by the time got to bed think a day taking the cocodamol had kicked in. Not for the pain but I was so drowsy just had to sleep. Almost 6 hours uninterrupted sleep is a record. Still feel like a bulldozer ran over me but in much better spirits. Hope everyone else having a good day :) x


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