Terrible bloating and wind :( anything to help??

Every week I am waking up with severe bloating and wind in the early hours of the morning and it is sooo painful :( I have ibs which dosent help and it is really starting to upset me, it literally feels like my stomach is going to burst open!! I am 27 weeks and it is just getting no better :( has anyone got any tips on relieving it? I've tried all the hot water bottle, drink boiled water as hot as you can etc but here I still sit at 5.45 in agony as per usual :(

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Oh I suffer with ibs but it was only really bad in the first 3 months. ... have u tried peppermint tea that is supposed to be good and gsviscon...I was in hosp recently and they gave me a peppermint drink that they mixed with warm water maybe have a chat with ur dr and see if they do it or health food shop. ..I feel ur pain.. pain and bloating is awful. . Hope u get some relief x


With trapped wind pain, my mum used to swear by doing ur floors. If u sweep quite bruskly and mop in figures of 8, the movements are meant to help get ur digestive tract moving too. I dunno if the same is true in pregnancy but it worked for me years ago when my ibs was at its peak.

As for constipation, have u tried eating high fibre foods? Eat a huge bowl of weetabix if u can. Avoid foods that bind u up like eggs and harsh diary products. Plus red meats arent great for u either.

I hope u find relief soon. Gut ache is defo not pleasant :( xx


Going for a short walk or for a swim seems to help me - something about the movement. I know it's the last thing you want to do when you're in pain! I have IBS too, and the pain of trapped wind can be so bad, so you definitely have my sympathy! The other thing I find is that I'm generally better if I'm relaxed (again, easier said than done!). I've been going to pregnancy yoga, which has helped a lot - the breathing exercises and relaxation. Hope it gets better soon for you.


I've tried the peppermint tea and just could not drink it, literally gag at the smell!! It ways come on when I'm in bed :( I always wake up with it in the early hours of the morning. Was the worst I've had it this morning and didnt help by little one booting me every two minutes aswell!! I've changed my diet to control my ibs but I think il have to have another look at it :( thanks for your help ladies :) x


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