Hi Everyone I'm Just Wondering What Everyone Else's Pregnency Cravings Are??Iv Developed A Really Strong Craving For Turpentine,Nail Polish Remover,Petrol And Ice Cubes (Which I'm not worried About)But The Others Are Driving Me Insane I Keep Fighting Temptation Not To Sniff The Turps Am Not Sure How Much Longer I Can Last Lol!!!I Thought Cravings Where Supposed To Be Things Your Body Needs??Im Sure I Don't Need To Drink A Bottle Of Turps Lol!!Anyone Else Ever Had This And Know What It Means ?????


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  • Lol joys of pregnancy :-) enjoy! Mycravings pretty bboring compared to yours it was cheesey wotsits with my daughter and anything minty with boys but I went off a lot of foods and drinks :-\ how many weeks are you xx

  • mine r pretty normal compared to u lol, milk (about 10 pints a week lol) and fab ice lollies. x

  • I heard if ur craving things that arent food stuffs and are potentially harmful, its because ur body is craving some sort of mineral that could be in that item?? Although im not sure. U hear of coal, shoe polish, and one i heard recently....sponges? But like i said, not sure how true that is about the mineral? early on i craved marmite, and these salad pots they sell at my work, but apart from that? Ask ur midwife if ur concerned :)

  • my mother in law said she could have drank the petrol out of the pump everytime she filled the car up that was in both her pregnancies, my boyfriend has a strange sense of humour and can be a bit stubborn at times but apart from that he and his brother are both fine lol

    x x x

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