silly question, 35 weeks 1 day

hey ladies,

quick (and may sound silly) question but for the past few weeks my little man has been quite active.

especially on my left hand side low down i feel a movement and it goes on for quite a while its like a slow pulse in my belly not faint but not as noticable as some of his movements, is this normal? does anyone know what that might be?

x x x


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24 Replies

  • That's where I first started to feel my baby's hiccups....could be that? Very rhythmic feeling movement though didnt show outside like actual movements...thats what mine were like And they get so much stronger over time x

  • ahh so they could be hiccups ive heard about hiccups but not sure what they were suppose to feel like

    x x x

  • It's like a throbbing inside. Almost the same kind of feeling as when a vein throbs in your leg or something or you get that annoying eyelid twitch!! Mine last between 5 and 10mins each time and some days now it's like 3 times a day. If it is that you may notice them more now :-) I get most of mine now if I'm really hungry then eat a bit quick haha. Baby clearly reacts. :-) x

  • yeah a throbbing thats a good way of explaining it. Not painful though. Heard about hiccups but didnt think it would be like that as they are constant for about 10 minutes

    x x x

  • Yh not painful at all. The babies can really go to town with it so 10 mins is often their standard for me x

  • sounds like my little man has hiccups for sure bless him :)

    x x x

  • Hey sweetie is it constant? Xx

  • it lasts for about 10 minutes or so! it was doing it as i typed the question but has stopped now

    Should i be worried??

    x x x

  • No def sound like little man got hiccups hehe :-) you might find he has them in same sort of pattern and length when born! Both boys were big hiccupers inside and out lol xx bless xx

  • :) ive just text the OH telling him, he thinks its dead cute

    x x x

  • Awwww shame they can't experience everything the way we do xx

  • Sounds like hiccups as they practice swallowing amniotic fluid. It feels bizarre and I find it quite disturbing at times especially when like you say it goes in for 10 mins. Have you noticed it more around your meal times?? X

  • erm cant say they have any patterns to them, i just assumed they would be like our hiccups but these are constant one after another for about 10 minutes, but i suppose it is getting near to lunch time

    x x x

  • I'd say that's hic ups for sure! :o) x

  • ahhh ok thankyou

    x x x

  • I have been getting it too and yes it is quite strange but yeh when I asked the midwife, wasn't worried...just curious and she said hiccups x

  • i wasnt overly worried as to me its a movement from him but im glad everybody seems to be agreeing on that is what it is, he's stopped again now

    x x x

  • I seem to get them more at night so maybe he reacts to something I have eaten or drunk and as its mainly dairy so he obv likes moo moo juice like his mummy lol x

  • i do notice it at night when im trying to get to sleep, im having issues with getting my legs comfy at night and tend to pull them up towards me nievely thought it was my little man letting me know i was squashing him a bit

    x x x

  • hi :)

    yeah defo sounds like hiccups, its like a pulse next to around my belly button when my we man gets them :)

  • hi :)

    yeah defo sounds like hiccups, its like a pulse next to around my belly button when my we man gets them :)

  • yeah a pulse or throbbing, oh good im glad im not on my own

    x x x

  • I think we ALL agree its Hiccups lol ;-) xx

  • Sounds like hiccups ;) I had it all the time in third trimester. My LO is now 4 weeks and the downside is that she is still suffering from it about 4 times a day! But hey, it is cute when they are inside ;)

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