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Hi Ladies,

I just thought I'd give you all an update on how we are doing. Sam is growing at an alarming rate and is such a little star, but of course we are biased!

Some of you will know that he was 10lbs 2 ozs at birth'(40+15) we go for a weigh in next week but judging by holding him on the scales he's roughly 16-17lbs now! He was measured at six weeks and was 65 cms in length (off the scale for height on percentile terms) so he is likely to be tall like his daddy (6ft 5). I am solely breastfeeding him and he feeds on demand roughly 8-10 times a day. I seem to have lost all of my pregnancy weight now, which is great and I am back down to a size 10/12.

I went to a baby group last week and he was the size of the other babies that were much older than him, the other mothers almost seemed to doubt he was only 8 weeks. He is in 3-6 month old clothes and has been for over two weeks, in the middle size of bambino mio nappies and is already heading to 6-9 months old clothes. He is growing so fast...

Has anyone else experienced something similar? I am thrilled that Sam is putting on weight and thriving so please don't think that I am complaining at all but so far I haven't met anyone with a LO (ha ha) who is in a similar situation. I don't think it's possible to over feed a breast fed baby can you?!

Last night he also managed to sleep 8 hours straight for the first time, which was great :)

Thanks ladies...

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Apologies for the fact I have nothing useful to say in regards to ur post but just wanted to say what a cutie!!! Proper little looker! :-) x

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Thank you, we think he is gorgeous sorry the pic is such bad quality!

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Oh you can see he's a little beauty through the grainy bits lol x

My nephew was born 9lb 7oz - breast fed and topped up with formula as he was just always hungry and quickly grew out of all his clothes. He's now 7 months old and in 12-18 month clothes - He's tall and chunky. Sounds like Sam will be a tall one (and a cutie to boot). Well done on losing your baby weight too! On a different note - how do you find the bambino mio nappys? I'm looking into getting them...

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Hi Beanymo, thank you, have resisted the formula so far... But feeding is a full time job and I am literally ravenous all the time! We are getting on well with bambino mio, my OH isn't so keen but as I am at home I put him in those during the day, unless we go out, in which case he is in a disposable and in a pampers at night. I really like them, they are chunky so his clothes look a little tight but we bought the pack from kiddicare with everything in it. We have however bought the boosters, which I would recommend as they last longer but I do need to change him every three to four hours. When he was newborn, it was a little more often as his kidneys were under developed. I haven't really suffered with leakages compared to disposables. I would recommend buying a couple of extra covers or outers as we do get through them, maybe that is just boys...? I wash every two to three days and that is manageable. They work for us :)

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They only went to formula as he just wasn't feeling full - he'd outgrown his moses basket in a few weeks too lol. Yay! - there's hope for me to lose the excess weight then!! Actually, my sister in law lost her weight quite quickly and is now slimmer than pre-pregnancy. Must persevere with the breast feeding then ;) . My OH isn't so keen on the reusables either, but I figured its me that'll be doing most the changes anyway! I've been looking at the all in one miosolos in the hope that OH will see how easy they are. Thanks for the info x

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We have one mio solo which is good, but actually I prefer the others, I sold it to my OH on the basis of cost ;-) and I do the washing during the day so also used that tactic! Bless, your nephew sounds great. Sam is in his cot bed now as he outgrew his crib too! Breast feeding does seem to help with the weight loss, just need to work on the jelly tummy now, but I'm going back to yoga tonight so my OH is looking after Sam, really looking forward to doing some exercise! X

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He is a not so little monster and has earned the nickname 'Tank'.... lo. I've tried the cost route - he just doesn't seem overly impressed with the idea - It was ok for us when we were babies tho!! Ooh I can't wait to get back to the gym! You enjoy your yoga :) x

He is gorgeous! Babies just grow at different rates, and I always think that they are better being a bit bigger than smaller. Just keep doing what your doing because you are obviously doing something right x

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Thank you Hannah

He is gorgeous!!!

Our friends little boy was born at the end of April at 8 pound 7, she has just given me a load of 3-6 month clothes for our little man as her little man has grown out of them and is in 6-9 month clothes at just over 4 months, he has been bottle fed from day one, he is a hungry baby so she has recently increased his ounces, He is a happy and content little boy always smiling.

One of his older twin brothers was 6 pound 13 and the other 6 pound 7 born which to me seems like really good weight for twins, did say to their mum that meant at one point she was carrying nearly 14 pounds of baby

x x x

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Wow, that is impressive! Thank you that makes me feel better. I hope your little man is also doing well? X

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4 weeks 4 days till he (hopefully) arrives unless hes like Daddy and is lazy and keeps us waiting

x x x

My cousins baby was born 6 days late, weighed just under 11lbs! He was in 3-6 months when he was a few weeks old and then was fitting in 12-18 when he was about 7 months old. he looks like a 3 yer old and isn't 2 till Christmas! My daughter (13 days younger) is the same height, and is "chubby" and always wore bigger sizes until she turned 1.. she still wears clothes i brought her a year ago!

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