Is reflux dangerous for baby??

My baby spits up a lot after feeding, and sometimes even pukes a little bit. It's not 'projectile' puking but it's more than a teaspoon at times. I try to keep her upright after feeding and don't put her down straight after but it still terrifies me! I will call HV and ask them about it but just in case they are as useless as they have been with other stuff, does anyone have any experience with it? Thanks ladies xx


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  • mine is doing the same - also projectile vomits at times and its quite scary i have to admit.

    I am giving her peppermint water (suggested by my HV, its basically what we call peppermint tea, but doies not have caffein in it). I add a very little sugar to it, just to make it tasty.

    Also As I am mix-feeding the baby i shifted to Cow and gate as that tastes closer to my milk, add a little extra water to milk, when baby is having too much rumbling going on in her stomach and also Cardamom pods in her formula bottle did wonder for us :) she loves it (it makes the taste of formula exactly like my breast milk). And yup I am also warming the EBM and Formula milk at each feed.

    but if you think that the reflux is realy getting stronger its a good idea to see the GP.

  • Thanks ritz, does yours do it when you put her to sleep as well? Mine looks uncomfortable although is asleep but makes noises like the whole zoo which stops me getting any sleep - I just watch her instead!

  • Oh yeah baby elephant sounds are most usual..I try sleeping her with me as that calms her down a bit..also baby yoga and oil massage in morning helps releasing trapped wind .. I would also be getting the age old and tested gribe water the week :)

  • My son 7 years ago was sick a lot and I think it came down to not winding properly along with giving baby too much feed. Babies tummies are tiny. How much formula are you making up in each bottle?

  • I'm bf so no way to tell how much she's eaten.. she feeds for about 10-15 mins every couple of hours but does have an issue with wind (difficult to burp her). Apart from that nappies are full and she's gained about 1 kg since birth 4 weeks ago so she's definitely growing.

  • Oh I see, if she's gaining weight then that's all good. But spit up hmm. You could try to take her off at ten minute intervals burp her then put back on. To see if it helps x

  • Babies Can bring up a bit of excess... if they have had too much they will bring the last bit up and also wind makes them bring a bit up. ..make sure u have a good winding session. .. my friends baby sometimes used to projectile vomit the whole feed so she just used to make another bottle and give him that ... if ur concerned have a chat with ur midwife but ur baby sounds fine me xx

  • thanks babymother, it's just worrying sometimes as she did this projectile thing once or twice now.. i'm going to try and space out feeds more, see if it helps. thank you x

  • Just Don't worry if they don't finish the bottle... but try not too space out feeds as if they are really hungry and crying out can cause a build up of wind x

  • Also as you are exclusively bf you may want to check our own diet.. Women in ,family swear by teaspoon full of carom seeds with have to chew them slowly.. Can find it at Indian or Pakistani stores ..vernacular name is ajwain

  • i am having the most boring diet ever as i was worried about spicy/ citrus etc etc, but it doesnt seem to make any difference... will have a go with carom seeds thanks x

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